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Bookshelf Tour: Manga

Hey guys! 
How's everyone's Monday going!? Today i'm giving you a mini bookshelf tour, or more accurately...a tour of one part of my bookshelf! 
I asked you guys what you wanted to see and you where all eager to check out my Manga collection which is what you're getting today! You also wanted to have a nose at my graphic novel collection which I'll be doing soon! Let me know what other sections of my bookshelf you would like to see! Leather-bounds? Word Cloud Classics? Clothbounds? I might make it a regular thing if there's more bits you want to see! 

So anyway, my manga collection! I usually get manga from the library because they can be expensive and a lot of them have so many volumes it's insane..Fairy Tail is one of them God help me! Recently I started to watch various different Anime shows thanks to Netflix, Seven Deadly Sins, Blue Exorcist and Fairy Tail are a couple I've watched! Seeing as how I loved the shows so much, I decided I needed to own the manga, I'm sure I'll come to regret my determination to collect Fairy Tail! I've not watched Seraph or Death Note yet I just liked the sound of them, I mean once I ventured in to the Manga section at Waterstones I kept spotting various different ones that are now on my list! As for Twin Star, that one I stumbled on when the Anime was announced! My collection isn't that big, but I'm working on it! 

Fairy Tail is my current obsession, I'm not going to lie! I've slowly worked my way through the Anime and I'm very close to catching up but I'm trying really hard not to because then I'll have to wait for new episodes to be dubbed and I'm really impatient! I'm determined to collect the Fairy Tail manga because it's brilliant and funny and original and kind of addicting! The world is huge,there's always something happening and there are so many different kinds of magic in the world! I've only got 6 volumes though and there's like 50 and counting...pray for me! 

In the land of Fiore wizards form in to Guilds, the biggest of all being the guild of Fairy Tail in Magnolia. Fairy Tail is full of the most powerful wizards and Lucy is determined to join! Luckily for her she bumps in to Natsu a Fairy Tail member, of course, she only comes across him when she gets in to trouble with a dodgy wizard and his gang of pirates. It's not long before Lucy becomes a part of Fairy Tail and the adventures begin. Warring Guilds, Dark Guilds determined to cause destruction and set demons loose, missions, mutiny and more! 

Seven Deadly Sins is the Anime that started it all, I stumbled across it on Netflix because they where advertising it everywhere and watched it all in a couple of days and I completely loved it, I've been obsessed ever since! The manga was necessary because I'm impatient waiting for season two and ya know...adaptions are always a little bit different! I have way more chance of catching up to this and the others than I do Fairy Tail at this stage! This is fantasy, there's magic, it's funny, there's action and mystery and it's another original! It took me far too long to work out that the spines of these volumes make a picture! 

The Seven Deadly Sins were once a group of elite Holy Knights in the region of Brittania, formed by criminals. They where forced to disband and flee the kingdom for their lives when accused of the murder of the Great Holy Knight and plotting to take over the Kingdom. The Holy Knights claim that they've been defeated, but rumours abound that they're still alive. Fast forward ten years and the Holy Knights are up to no good, staging a coup d'état and imprisoning the King leaving themselves in charge. The third princess of the Kingdom, Elizabeth, manages to get away and sets out to find the Sins to enlist their help in defeating the Holy Knights and taking back the Kingdom. Luckily for her it's not long before she stumbles across their Captain. 

I watched the one off season of this in a couple of days and while I was unsure at first, it ended up being brilliant! Seeing as there would be no more Anime of it, I had to get the manga because I just need to know what happens next, although the Anime adaption is actually quite different! I gave up on watching Supernatural and this fills the SPN shaped hole in my life! I also love the full colour illustration in the front of each volume! The demons in this are original, and there's so many different kinds! You'll find a guide to them in the back of most volumes! It turns out it's inspired by a Brother's Grimm fairy tale, which makes it even more awesome! 

Rin's always been a bit of a screw up when compared to his younger twin Yukio, forever getting in to trouble and letting his temper get the best of him. The twins where raised by Father Fujimoto, an exorcist and as we join the story Rin's having the rather awkward "Your real dad is Satan" conversation after an encounter with a demon. Yep the twins are the sons of Satan, however Rin is the only one who's inherited the power. When Fujimoto dies to save Rin, Rin does what he was forbidden to do by Fujimoto, he draws the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, which restrains his powers. From that moment his power has been unleashed. Rin is determined to become an Exorcist like Father Fujimoto, and become the strongest of all so he can defeat Satan. Rin ends up enrolling at the prestigious True Cross Academy, which is the cover for the Japanese branch of an international organisation of exorcists. While attending regular classes, Rin also attends special exorcists classes with a few others who's goal it is to become exorcists of varying different types. Turns out Rin's twin Yukio has actually been doing the Exorcist thing for years and is one of his new teachers, then there's also the whole "the people in charge don't know about you otherwise you'd be slightly less alive" thing. 

This one is one that I wasn't entirely sure on. I ended up seeing the first few minutes of the Anime's first episode, but it hasn't been dubbed yet and I get too distracted by the animation and forget to read the subtitles! So I haven't watched the rest but the first few minutes looked really good, so I decided why not! Every manga I've picked up has been unique and original and this is no exception, the demons are different to the ones in Blue Exorcist and there's a different hierarchy to the exorcists and different mythology to it. I was definitely iffy at first, but it's been getting better and better! I was actually all caught up on this until volume 4 came out the other day! 

Rokuro is from a family of exorcists and he's one of the best exorcists in the country, although after a tragic incident 2 years ago, he'd rather be anything but an Exorcist! Trouble is...being an Exorcist is the only thing he's actually good at. When new arrival Benio arrives on the scene and the two find themselves in more than one dangerous situation, Rokuro begins to rethink his decision to never be an Exorcist again. When an old enemy resurfaces....there's no decision left for Rokuro to make. Alongside all of that, it turns out Benio and Rokuro are the prophesied Twin Star Exorcists and are fated to be together. Awkward. 

I found this one when I was browsing in Waterstones, and I watched the trailer for the Anime and it looked brilliant! I actually picked up volumes 5 and 6 from a charity shop looking like they'd never been read, and since I have and have read volume 1...those two volumes are staring at me begging to be read but I need to get the others first! This one's interesting because there's vampires and everything...but it's not the standard that you'd expect. This manga has a dystopian feel to the world when you read about what happened, but then it seems pretty normal at other points until a vampire bursts in! I'm not sure what to class this as, fantasy? Supernatural? Dystopian? Bit of everything? I think it's actually down as Dark Fantasy though so let's go with that! 

It's the year 2012, and a catastrophic epidemic kills everyone over the age of 13, leaving vampires to rise up out of the recesses of the Earth, bringing age old horrors of the dark, thought to be myth, with them. The vampires take immediate control, enslaving what's left of humanity and taking them beneath the surface for safety. The price of this safety? Blood. That's the story everyone's been told anyway. Yuichiro and his friend Mikaela plot to escape along with the other children from their orphanage, but when everything goes wrong, Yuichiro is the only one to make it to the surface alive. It's there that he's rescued by the Moon Demon company, a vampire extermination unit of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. It's through them that he learns everything they've been told by the vampires has been a lie. Four years later and Yuichiro has dedicated his life to destroying vampires and seeking revenge, he's determined to join the Moon Demon company, the best of the best. The only problem is he has a bit of a problem with team work. 

Not going to lie, I still haven't read this yet. Why? Because I immediately saw this edition and decided it was the edition I needed, not only because it has both volumes 1 and 2, but because it's all black. The edges are sprayed black and everything, so of course I needed the fancy edition. So why haven't I read it yet? Because I'm trying to work out how the hell to read it without getting my grubby fingerprint marks all over it...yep, it's one of THOSE covers that refuses to have fingerprints wiped off! So yeah, I still need to read this one, but I've heard good things and it sounds awesome! 

Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects. He's also totally bored out of his mind, that is...until he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god. Any human whose name is written in the notebook...dies. Now in possession of this notebook, Light has vowed to use it to rid the world of evil. But then criminals start dropping dead and the authorities send legendary detective L to investigate and track down the killer. With L hot on his heels, will Light lose sight of his noble goal...or his life? 

So there you have my rather small collection of Manga! I still have four of them to catch up on, Fairy Tail being the biggest challenge, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually! There's also plenty of others lurking on my amazon wishlist that I'd love to check out! Perhaps when I've built my collection more you'd like me to do an updated version? Or a part two with any new manga I get? We'll see! Next time, probably next week, I'll be doing my graphic novel collection, it's also not very big but oh well! Let me know what manga you love, hit me with your recommendations, and also let me know if you want to take a peek at what manga is on my wishlist, and what other collections of mine you'd like to see, if any! 

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