Tuesday, 19 April 2016

TBR Bites!

Hey guys, what's up!? 
Welcome to my new feature! Each week or so I'll be bringing you a couple of books from my TBR shelf! I'm fairly certain this hasn't been done before, but I could be wrong! I'm picking them at random at the minute, but if you want to see what I have from a specific genre, let me know! Not sure how much you guys are gonna like this, so this is experimental for now! If it does well, I'll keep it up, if it doesn't I may not! 

Anyway, this week I've got three for you and I picked three that I'm eager to get round to...eventually....hopefully....I mean...I am aiming to clear my TBR this year? 

I've heard such good things about this, and I had actually ordered the hardcover of this but Book Depository sent me the paperback! Jackaby is an investigator of the unexplained, and Abigail ends up being his assistant! Their first case? A serial killer roaming about, and Jackaby's convinced the killer isn't human. 

Um...I'd love to give you guys a really awesome reason for picking this up...but I actually went for it because of the cover I mean, it's purple and there's a dragon and it's pretty! It does sound awesome though! Humans and Dragons live in a fragile peace but the anniversary of the treaty draws near and a member of the royal family is murdered in a suspiciously draconian fashion! 

Star Wars and Alexandra Bracken...need I say more?! I totally need to get the other two as well! As far as I'm aware, Alexandra Bracken has re-written the classic Star Wars A New Hope, which means it's going to be completely awesome! 

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  1. "Star Wars and Alexandra Bracken...need I say more?!" ... preeeetty much why I bought that book as well! hahaha.


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