Monday, 11 April 2016

March Wrap Up

It's wrap up time! 
I did quite well on the reading this month, but then I guess I'm cheating a bit so far because the graphic novels and the manga don't take long to read! I can't picture the graphic novels because I had to take them back to the library! So thanks to those and manga, I'm doing really well with my reading challenge on GoodReads as well as in general! I mean...check out my read stack! Anyway, let's get on with it....

These are pretty much all the teen/ya books I read this month! Except for some that I couldn't find for the photo, seriously I put books down and then can't find them! 

This was absolutely brilliant and completely blew me away, I was expecting good things from the author but I completely fell in love with this book it had WW2 vibes despite not being about WW2, and was original and kept me on my toes! 

Need I say more about this? Re-reading this showed me how much was missing from the film that I'd forgotten about, and it's still definitely my favourite book! 

Gwenda Bond is doing awesome things with this, the characterisation was perfect, Lois is a hero you can root for, she does what's right no matter what. Clark was introduced in a brilliant way as well, and I was expecting that! There's action and humour and it's a book that you just devour! 

Sequel to The Fire Sermon and one of my most anticipated sequels of the year! It took what we know about the world of the book and expanded on it and added tonnes more intrigue to the story. I'm so ridiculously excited to see what will happen next considering all the revelations that completely blew my mind! 

This was everything I was hoping for and more, it's on level with The Infernal Devices which might just be my favourite more than Mortal Instruments...shhhh! I can't even, I mean, I'm in love with the characters and the romance and just everything with this book! 

The best Snow White retelling I've ever read, not going to lie! Original, fun, humorous and full of action and romance I devoured this in a couple of hours. We also saw some of the world that's going to feature in the other books, they're all standalone but linked through the world and after reading this, I'm ridiculously excited to see what the author is going to do with the other classic fairy tales! 

A completely brilliant novella bind up that adds so much to the Virals series, giving us a scene we've always wanted, opportunities to learn more about the characters and their thoughts and feelings, and a brand new novella that nicely wraps up the series...but still kind of leaving it a little bit open! I'm desperate for more books, not going to lie! 

More review books! These ones are all classics, plus a couple non-fiction books that where awesome! 

I can't stop raving about this because they are truly cracking little editions of classics, cheap and easy to collect! They're great additions to your classics collection! 

This gorgeous Alma edition was so easy to understand thanks to their notes on the text, which allowed me to not feel like a complete idiot when I was reading because anything I didn't understand had a handy little note! I also think this may be my favourite Austen..I mean I love Pride and Prejudice but this was so cute! 

Thank you Alma to introducing me to another new favourite classic. I fell in love with this while reading it, I was wary because of how freaking huge it is, but I was so gripped once things got going! Trying to work out what the shady guys where up to, and knowing something bad was going to happen and like..mentally screaming at the characters....because actually screaming at fictional characters is frowned upon...

One of the best mythology books I've read and perfect if you don't want to spend ages slogging through hard to understand language to extract the information you want to know about. 

Perfect for any Austen fans and the letters actually give you so much insight in to Austens life and what she was like as a person! 

I actually recently watched all of the anime in a couple of days, and so I decided to check out the manga! I've not really read much manga, usually just whatever the library had, so Blue Exorcist has been my first additions to my library! Thank God for birthday money! I'm thinking I may or may not do a blog post on my manga haul that I've got with said birthday money, but I'm not sure...let me know if you're interested in me doing it! 

So guys, that's my haul, all of the reviews are right here on my blog! What did you guys read this month?!

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  1. I read and loved Lady Midnight this month, it was freaking amazing! I've heard so many great things about the Shadow Queen so I'm looking forward to reading it. Lovely wrap up :)


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