Tuesday, 5 April 2016

March Book Haul

Hey guys! 
I've already shared my Birthday Book Haul with you all, so now it's time for the standard Book Haul! 
I was very lucky this month, and I'm so grateful to the various publishers who where nice enough to let me review their books! I was also super lucky in that...I actually won something! I rarely ever win anything and here I won twice! 

Books Bought:

Prudence is a book I've been meaning to get for a while because it's the first book in a  spin off series from The Parasol Protectorate series that I love! It's all steampunk and supernatural, and they're so much fun! So I'm excited to finally get to read this! God bless Waterstones stamp reward cards! 

This is a sequel, and I still haven't actually read the first one but I needed to get a second book for the Waterstones thing and I thought...why not, then when I do read the first book I can get straight in to the second one! I'm actually planning on reading them soon, I swear! 

Do I need to say anything? I totally pre-ordered this because I wanted the really awesome pre-order cards that the author was doing! I can't wait to read what happens next, A Darker Shade of Magic was one of my favourite books of 2015, and AGOS has been one of my most anticipated! I think I'm gonna try and get to it this month! 

I actually still need to get this in hardcover because the hardcover is gorgeous, this is Waterstones fault again, because I had points and the paperback has a really cool demonology bit in the back and some of the drawings are kind of cute, not going to lie! This book is so much fun, and it's so original, I got to review it and it was such a fantastic read! 

I actually broke the book buying ban for this first because I freaking love Gena Showalter, and Book Depository had signed editions for sale and the chances of me ever meeting the author and getting her to sign a copy are really slim so I thought why not! I'm so intrigued by this as it's a different direction to her usual Teen!

Books Received: 

I was sent five of these to review and I'm so grateful because these are fantastic little editions! There's not just the writings but there's information in the book about the author and the story as well as a quote page. I'm definitely going to have to collect these. 

This is a fairy tale retelling, Snow White in particular and you all need to read this, especially if you love OUAT! It's original, the twists on the original tale are brilliant, it's funny, the romance is perfect and there's plenty of action and plot twists as well as fantastic characters! It's a genuine "can't put down" book! 

The third book in a series by one of my favourite authors, I've literally just started it after re-reading the first two! I love all of Joss's books, and these ones are thrillers, there's a detective agency for teens, there's mystery and romance, and Joss writes perfect romance that brings the warm and fuzzies! 

Another third book! This is a steampunk series that's full of brilliantly complex mysteries and plots, as well as a very Sherlock/Watson duo in the form of Newbury and Hobbes. I'm always surprised and kept on my toes and the writing is gorgeous! 

In this we have Warlock Holmes who's a bit of a dimwit, lucky for him he has Dr Watson. This book has 6 Sherlock Holmes stories reimagined, and they sound completely awesome! I'm excited to review this! 

Novella bind up alert! This is a bind up of three of the Virals novellas plus a brand new one set after the last Virals novel, and these novellas are pure perfection! 

Exactly what it says, World Mythology, concisely written to give you the maximum information without having to spend pages and pages reading about it all. It's straight to the point and tells you exactly what you need to know! 

A collection of quotes from her works and her personal letters to other family members and acquaintances. It's a fantastic collection of quotes about all different kinds of things. 

The Alma Edition of an Austen classic, in this we have Anne who isn't treated too brilliantly by her family, and she ends up coming face to face with a lost love. Luckily the feelings are still there, there's just a couple of bumps in the road to get out the way! 

Drawing master Walter winds up at the home of Laura and Marian after an eerie encounter with a woman in white. Falling for Laura would have been okay...if Laura wasn't engaged to be married to Percival who is as shady as they come. Percival has a friend, equally as shady, in the form of Count Fosco, and they're definitely up to no good! 

Books Won: 
I basically never get to do this category! But a miracle happened and I won a couple things! 

I totally won a signed copy from Maximum Pop Books and I've been so excited for this book, it's one of my most anticipated and it sounds so awesome! Excited as I am to read this, I'm a bit wary because like...it's signed and I don't want to damage it! 

I won this lovely edition from a lovely lady called Emma! I collect the Penguin English Library editions, and I'm going to be reading this for this months classics challenge! I'm excited to read another Austen, I've already read two and I'm working my through her entire works! 

So that is my March Book Haul and I'm so ridiculously grateful! Let me know what you hauled in March, down below! 


  1. I have been meaning to try some of Gail Carriger books, I think my library might have some -hopefully it's the beginning of the series that they have. I can totally understand your hesitation with Rebel of the Sands, if I was you I'd wait till a book in bed day and read it all, or I'd get another copy (I was surprised at how cheap it was even just as it was released)

  2. I bought Firstlife too! I haven't read any of Gena Showalter's books before, but the cover on this intrigued me and it sounds like such an interesting book. Hopefully I'll get to it soon!


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