Friday, 12 January 2018

Manga: Kigurumi Guardians Vol 3

Kigurumi Guardians Vol 3
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Hakka's second year of middle school was dull as it could be, until a suspicious cow mascot ("kigurumi") shows up in her room, holding a sign that reads, "My Name Is Ginger." But this isn't (just?) a stalker, it's a magical being that's come to convince Hakka (and her friends) to become Guardians, and save the world! Hakka is understandably confused, until she's suddenly attacked, and a beautiful young man leaps in to save her. Can this handsome knight and the weird kigurumi be... one and the same?

The volume opens straight up with action as the choral competition begins and is soon gate crashed by the bad guys. Comfrey shows up with Lavender and he's actually kind of hilarious for a bad guy and I'm actually hoping to see more of him in future volumes! He could be a fun opponent for the gang! 

It's nice to see our trio have bonded and are acting like a team...and friends as they all hang out with Nobara in an effort to make her feel better. It's heartwarming and entertaining at the same time, thanks to all the banter and interactions. This volume shows how close they've become and how well they know each other and I love the friendship between all of them so much! 

There's a lot of focus on Nobara as the volume opens up, and Basilico gets a chance to let loose and go full badass. It's the most serious I've seen him so far and it's such a contrast to his usual personality! 

Chigaya hints at something to do with Hakka, something Ginger is keeping a secret and I'm trying to work out what it is, but I genuinely have no clue. It's a little thread of mystery running through the plot and then the reveal at the end left me shook!  

In actual fact it seems Ginger, Basilico and Fennel are all keeping something from Hakka, Nobara and Satsuki. So there's plenty more mysteries to be untangled in the upcoming volumes and I'm intrigued to see what bearing it'll have on the plot!

We get a glimpse of Satsuki's home life which provided some interesting insight in to his character, as well as showing us some of the relationship he has with Fennel...and more of Fennel in general. He's been the most mysterious so far of the three and I actually felt quite sad for the poor guy. I could really empathise with him and see where he was coming from. His life and character in general just really broke my heart this volume.

The volume starts with action and ends with action as our characters (except for Nobara and Basilico) are in a dire situation, and then we get left on an epic cliffhanger that Hakka?! What happened?! I can't even right now! 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Manga: Waiting For Spring Vol 3

Waiting For Spring Vol 3
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Mizuki is a shy girl who's about to enter high school, and vows to open herself up to new friendships. Of course, the four stars of the boys' basketball team weren't exactly the friends she had in mind! Yet, when they drop by the cafe where she works, the five quickly hit it off. Soon she's been accidentally thrust into the spotlight, targeted by jealous girls. And will she expand her mission to include... love?

Things are hotting up in the romance department! Kyosuke confronts Mitsuki about she and Aya after spotting them, like not really confronts but more like teases her a little bit! Although he does fully throw her under the bus later in the volume like the brilliant friend he is! I can't quite figure Towa out, but he does appear to be quite jealous, and he's definitely making his move....finally! Aya is kind of bugging me, possibly because I don't ship he and Mitsuki and I'm like 'yes okay...go away now!'. 

Mitsuki makes another friend this volume in Maki! Although she doesn't seem to realise that Maki is a love rival for her! Maki seems nice enough to be fair, and she and Mitsuki are quite fun together! They plan to do their best and keep trying which was sweet. I'm wondering how much of a misunderstanding she's going to cause and how much it's going to screw everything up though! 

Reina continues to be completely hilarious to me. Bless her. I wish I had the money for a camera lens like hers, I'm not going to lie. That's some heavy duty telescopic stuff right there! But she's exactly the kind of friend Mitsuki needs and she's helping her to be better and I live for their friendship! 

Ryuji bless him, tries to thank Mitsuki in his own gruff way which was kind of hilarious and I really need more of him and the two of them interacting! I love how all the boys act like her squad and are kind of like annoying older brothers at points, it's sweet! 

There's some cute and fluffy scenes between Mitsuki and Towa and it seems like we might be getting somewhere with this romance fiiinally! Like there's definitely developments but there's a misunderstanding possibly about to cause a snag, and then there's Aya. Aya is the ever present thorn in my ships side. Or should I say iceberg? Either way, there's incoming drama to offset the sweetness of the story!

The volume once again leaves me wanting more, I've yet to be disappointed by a volume. We get some basketball games in this volume, and they're drawn brilliantly! The volume and story in general are moving at a nice pace too, and there's always something happening. This is such a lighthearted, sweet series! 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Manga: Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

High schooler Tetsu Misato is hardworking, frugal, and easily scared, but he commits to a part-time job at the mansion on the hill—the one that’s rumored to be haunted. As he toils away, he notices a building separate from the estate, and the mysterious girl who lives within it: Shizu Karasawa. Tetsu slowly becomes enchanted by Shizu’s lonely smile, but by their second encounter, he quickly finds himself in over his head. There’s an unsettling feeling he can’t quite shake, but there’s love there, too.

The bright colour pages draw you in, the art is well drawn too! Particularly the buildings and backgrounds. The characters are beautiful too! 

Tetsu is kind of relatable, at least for me, in a couple of different ways and you have to admire his work ethic and determination. He's all about the money which makes him seem kind of superficial until you realise there's a deeper meaning behind it and a purpose to it! I ended up quite admiring him by the end of the volume, and I want to know more about him! 

Shizu/ Harumichi is an interesting contrast as she's more laid back and kind of messes around and he doesn't so much. Well Harumichi is anyway! Actual Shizu we haven't seen much of yet, she seems quite shy and it's kind of adorable. I did enjoy the plot twist with her and her dual personalities! I didn't see it coming and I wasn't really sure what to expect to be honest! But then it turns out that it's not a personality disorder at all, but a really cool supernatural twist! 

This volume lays the groundwork for what's going to be an interesting and entertaining series. Tetsu is such a scaredy cat of all things supernatural, yet he finds himself in an unusual supernatural situation. Shizu and her personalities as it where, all contrast against each other interestingly. So far I really like Haru as well as Shizu and I'm intrigued to see if there's any other personalities to be met aside from her Grandfather. There's also some mystery thrown in about Tetsu's mother, and there's the heartwarming friendship blossoming between Tetsu and Shizu that could lead towards romance and probably will! It's certainly a fresh and interesting story so far! 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Manga: Sword Art Online Calibur

Sword Art Online Calibur
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The goddess Urd is in danger, and only Kirito and friends can save her! The evil frost giants have invaded her homeland of Jotunheim, bringing death and destruction in their wake. The linchpin of it all is the giant king's sword-the legendary weapon Excalibur! If Kirito's crew can make it to the end of the dungeon and pull the sword from the stone, peace will be brought to the land once more...!

As you may or may not be able to tell from the title of this volume, this is the manga version of the Excalibur arc of the anime, that was literally maybe two episodes! We get to explore more of ALO and there's plenty of Norse mythology scattered throughout, so for me, it was a winning combination!

The whole gang aside from Agil and a couple of the others set out on the quest for Excalibur! I'm a big fan of any story arc that lets us see some of the other characters in action and Klein cracks me up! Plus Sinon gets to be a total badass too! They all work so well together as a team. It was nice to see the story focus on all of them collectively working together and each getting their own moments rather than just focusing on one or two like usual. 

The story is well drawn, I really do love the art, and the battles where drawn cleanly. The volume is fast paced and there's lots of action, and fighting packed in, along with a lot of information. It may only be a quick side quest but it's well fleshed out and created and really drew me in to the plot and what was going on! I loved all of the little details thrown in, the mythology and the intricacy of the quest. I'd love to see more side quests like this in the story! 

Monday, 8 January 2018

Manga: Akame Ga Kill Zero 6

Akame Ga Kill Zero Vol 6
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Though their comrades deal a blow to the Oarburgh Clan, Akame, Kurome, and Natala remain at the mercy of Madam Mera, leader of the Oarburgh assassins. While she has no sympathy to spare for Natala--or any man, for that matter--she offers her female captives a chance to learn the truth. Recognizing Akame's doubts, Mera takes her around the Empire to see the suffering of its people firsthand, but will Akame be willing to open her eyes...? 

There's action from the start as we pick up where the last volume ended, but who's going to die this time? It being an Akame volume, I know probably everyone will...that and you know...I've read Akame Ga Kill! 

Baby Esdeath makes an appearance and I can't even with that glimpse of her! It was interesting to get a little bit more of her life story, and it was a nice touch overall as I'm forever curious about her. Surprisingly, Mera is the source of Akame's doubt this volume, regarding the Empire as she fills in Akame and Kurome as to what it's really like and what's really going on. I didn't see that coming. Like I know Chelsea is on her team so she can't be that bad or the bad guy or whatever but she's still pretty shady and has a villain vibe going on! 

Mera opens Akame's eyes, or tries to and we finally get to see what the turning point was for Akame...or the start of the turning point was anyway. She sees what the Empire has done to her sister as well as to the people and her thoughts wrestle with it all. We ultimately know what she'll choose but it's been interesting to see Akame's life before the original series, and how dedicated she was and her mindset throughout the whole thing and the struggle she went through. It's also been interesting to see the dark side of the Empire more. 

We get some nice character development too, or get to see more of how she came to develop in to the Akame we know as she's told to be calmer and so on. But we know what she ultimately ends up doing. Blanks are being filled in more and more and you're starting to get a fuller picture! There's some familiar Rakshasas faces too! 

I'm kind of oddly intrigued by Mera, she seems to be about to become Akames teacher/mentor, making her a better and stronger assassin but she's so creepy. This volume is definitely the turning point in the series, as Akames doubts grow and she sees evidence and so on and scratches beneath the surface, whether willingly or not. No-one dies in this volume shockingly enough, but we all know what happens to everyone so it's just a matter of time, and I can't decide if that's better or worse than not knowing. Like in the main series I'm always on edge and worried who they'll kill if anyone. In this one I'm tense waiting to see when the characters die. 

I'm intrigued to see how everything with Akame is going to play out in the next volume. Is she going to rebel straight away? Or is she going to go through with the escape and then switch sides later after something else happens...I can't tell! 

Friday, 5 January 2018

Graphic Novel: All New Guardians of the Galaxy 2

All New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Riders in the Sky
Rating: 3/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy 
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Your favorite Guardians take turns in the spotlight! Gamora - the most dangerous person in the galaxy - has been hiding something from her teammates. What is her secret quest, and how did it find her? Star-Lord has been sailing the radio waves of the cosmos for years, keeping up with the one piece of Earth he could never quite leave behind - discover the story of his sonic conquests! And Drax has long been known as "The Destroyer"...but no more! He has forsaken all violence, and sworn to never again strike another in anger - now, follow Drax down the road of peace! 

I'm kind of torn with this volume, because it was quite disjointed and there where different artists for each of the stories, some I liked and some I didn't. I really wasn't much of a fun of the art for Star-Lord's little story. I did feel a little disappointed when reading the volume and upon finishing it. I was expecting to see the story move forward after the events of the previous volume, and to see what happens next, but this volume focuses on each character one at a time. Which you some more background on the characters and where they're at right now in the story, and provides some new insight in to the characters and their actions. So while it was disappointing it was kind of necessary I guess. 

The opening was interesting, with Gamora and the whole situation with her. We finally find out what Drax's deals is with the whole pacifist thing. As well as more insight in to what's going on with Groot and what happened and so on. We basically get a couple of chapters that focus on each character or a couple of them. Then we hit issue 11&12, which gives us some background on the talons. So it kind of all fleshes out the story and the characters more, but it was really disjointed and not at all what I was expecting. 

We also get a brief visit from Loki who's up to no good...standard. And Dr. Strange made a brief appearance. My favourite guest star was Deadpool however, even though he was only there briefly. I'm furious they kicked him out but kept Ant-Man. 

We end on quite the cliffhanger, just when the volume was starting to get good. I will admit, I'm feeling more impatient than normal to get on with the story! 

Manga: A Terrified Teacher At Ghoul School

A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Haruaki Abe is the kind of guy who wouldn't say boo to a goose. But when he starts his teaching career at a high school full of creatures that go bump in the night, he soon discovers that his students have no such qualms, and they'll have him screaming "eeeeeeek"! 

So, these slice of life/school kind of manga aren't usually my thing, I usually can't get in to them or I get kind of bored. But this one caught my attention because of the Youkai, I really do love anything with Youkai in it, I'm not going to lie! Plus this sounded like it was going to be a lot of fun, and I really wasn't disappointed! 

The volume has some gorgeous and know, colour pages! Plus the art is cute while still having a nice amount of detail! I really enjoyed the way the characters where drawn, and the expressions where entertaining! 

Haruaki, our main character was just hilarious! I kinda felt for the poor guy, I mean it would be a terrifying situation but he was hilariously cowardly about the whole thing. Sano was oddly hilarious in a mildly scary way and his interactions with Haruaki where entertaining throughout. He's also somewhat of a mystery and I'm intrigued to learn more about him. Mame is a little s***, I'm not going to lie, but he's plenty entertaining too. Hijita I wasn't too sure of at first, but he's another entertaining character and I enjoy his interactions with Haruaki immensely! Zashiki completed our little squad of Haruaki's.....buddies? Students who tolerate him? I'm not sure what the term I'm looking for is. Anyway, Zashiki is was relatable AF! These guys appear to be our main characters, and the ones Haruaki interacts with the most, but I'm looking forward to hopefully getting to see more of the students throughout the series! 

This series is kind of ridiculously hilarious, I found myself chuckling at Haruaki's antics throughout the volume, it was hard not to! The other teachers are a bit sinister at times, with their talk of 'keeping him close' and I'm interested to see how that storyline might go! We get a nice amount of information on Youkai, which personally, was fun to read about because I love that stuff! 

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I went in to this, but I was pleasantly surprised at the plot twist regarding Haruaki and what he can do and I'm interested to see if that's going to have a bigger role to play throughout the series. I'm usually 50/50 with slice of life kind of manga, like I said, but the Youkai drew me in and this first volume was hilarious, a lot of fun and just entertaining in general! I can't wait to see more of their antics and meet more of the youkai! 

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Graphic Novel: Rocket

Rocket: The Blue River Score
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Get ready for a life of spacecrime with Rocket! It's a dirty universe out there, even when you're not regularly mistaken for trash-foraging vermin. And it's about to get dirtier. He thought his paws were clean, that he was on the up-and-up. But then an old flame swam back into his life, and he was back in the game...the heist game. If you need a safe cracked, a vault busted or a score taken...ask for Rocket. Just don't call him a raccoon.

The opening really reminds me of an old black and white detective/crime movie, kind of thing! With the whole bar scene and the intro and so on! I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this volume, but this totally surprised me with the tone and the narrative and the storytelling! 

I have to say, I live for all the nice little easter eggs that got dropped in, like you know....Daredevil. I love catching them and fangirling a little bit! 

Rocket assembles a crew to pull off a heist, which I could have told him was a bad idea! Then the story evolves in to a prison break and it was such a lot of fun as the tables turned again and again. It's fast paced, completely hilarious like the lines, and the language used and everything. I had many a chuckle as I was reading! I loved it. It genuinely had me cracking up continuously! I also loved the written narrative going along the side, it was seriously like an old black and white 30's movie! 

I loved the pairing of Rocket and Deadpool, it was a match made in snark heaven and I need more of it! I could quite easily read an entire series that's just the two of them, I'm not going to lie! 

Rocket is a fun adventure featuring you know...Rocket, obviously! I loved the storytelling to it and the way it was written, it was something a bit different to what I'm used to in comic books but oddly enough it really fit Rocket and it was wrapped up really well! 

Manga: Clockwork Planet 6

Clockwork Planet Vol 6
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Naoto's a high school dropout and brilliant amateur tinkerer. He lives in a world that has been so over-exploited that the entire surface has become one vast machine. When a box crashes into his home containing a female automaton, it's a harbinger of change that will rock the entire globe, and give Naoto his chance to be a hero.

Yu is busy gathering information for Marie, and thanks to him we see just how useless the politicians are as the volume opens. The electromagnetic weapon has magnetised everything, putting Halter and Ryuzu out of commission, although Anchor appears to be unscathed. 

While stile being a wee bit cringey at points, Naoto shows real determination this volume as he doesn't give up and pushes forward with a plan when Marie loses it slightly. He has his moments, when he's intelligent and kind of heroic and full of determination and fighting spirit, but then he's a cringey pain right after and it's like...why dude!? 

Marie has a small inner crisis but is back to her badass self using her genius to attempt to fix Ryuzu. I loved seeing her be so relatable and authentic and overcome it and push on. Vermouth gets an interesting makeover and I was excited to see more of him, he's an interesting and hilarious addition to the group and he's going to be quite the asset when it comes to fighting! 

The series takes a more serious turn as we see the political struggle/the struggle for power amongst the various different government figures. Someone's pulling the strings and the different factions are fighting amongst themselves as the weapon just chills out, ready to be used. The stakes are getting higher, especially as Marie and co fully embrace their role as terrorists in order to try and fix things and stop the coup. 

The mysterious girl from the last volume is revealed to be Houko, the Princess who has a connection to Marie somehow. I'm intrigued by her as she seems quite intelligent and astute when it comes to the situation and she won't take any crap from anyone. I'm actually looking forward to seeing more of her and how she knows Marie! 

Halter is still down for the count, but our group mount their most daring attack yet as they go all out to do what's right. I have so many questions still, but the story is moving at a nice pace with more plot threads and intrigues being woven throughout. It gets more serious and high stakes as it goes on and things are really hotting up now!  

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Graphic Novel: The Shield

The Shield: Daughter of the Revolution
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Over the centuries, in our nation’s times of need, a supernatural force appears to battle back the enemies of the United States: THE SHIELD.

Today, the country—and the whole world—is on the edge of chaos. The middle class is dying as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Global warming’s effects on the environment are drastic and dramatic, with superstorms and deadly droughts. The government increases its grip on the lives of ordinary people, controlling information and curtailing freedoms and privacy. For some, the government itself has become an enemy of the people, and revolution is on the minds of Americans all across the country.

The Shield returns—but what happens when she’s not sure who the enemy is?

The Shield has some really nice art to it, it's a bit dark and grungy which fits the story and the theme, but it's nice to look at too! The opening is intriguing, and I was soon sucked in to the story. I wanted to know who she was, what had happened and who's after her and why. There where so many questions to be answered right from the start. I loved the historical aspects as we get glimpses in to her past and everything she's been involved in, it added to the intrigue too! As well as tidbits of her past with Chase which I'm also curious about! I'm curious about so many different aspects of the story to be honest! 

I really loved our MC, she was quite funny, and a total badass, I loved her interactions with Nicole too and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the two of them working together and puzzling things out! 

This is a fun first volume, introducing the characters and the situation. There's plenty of action, and I'm left wanting more, along with still having a fair few questions that I need answered! I'm so excited to see more of V and Nicole too, they're going to be quite the team! 

Manga: Magical Girl Raising Project

Magical Girl Raising Project
Rating: 5/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Magical girls like Snow White and La Pucelle have dreamed of the day they'd become one of the lucky few chosen to protect N City. But their dreams quickly turn into a nightmare when the Magical Girl Raising Project Management Office issues a decree--there are simply TOO MANY magical girls! Oops! Time to cull the number by...half? Half sounds good. Don't worry, retirement just die. Good luck, girls!

Okaaaaay, the art is completely gorgeous, let me say that first off! The characters are so cute and the colour pages are bright and have a nice colour scheme to them. There's such rich, pretty parts when showing some of the magical girls and the settings and backgrounds are detailed. The battles/fights and magic where drawn fantastically too! 

This volume is fast paced, and we get thrown straight in to the story with a brief flashback to explain what's going on. There's plenty of action throughout the volume, and the story is dark with plenty of blood. We get introduced to a lot of the main characters in just this one volume, and there's a couple of deaths I said, it's fast paced and it doesn't mess around. 

We even get quite a bit of background on Ripple! I think she might be my favourite of all the magical girls, I'm not going to lie! Some of the magical girls are just plain unhinged though, it has to be said. But this is such a brilliant, and fresh take on magical girls. 

There's magic, and cuteness but it's also dark and bloody and kind of like a magical girl Hunger Games! It really pulls you in and the pace doesn't let up! 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Graphic Novel: I Am Groot

I Am Groot
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Groot is back - smaller and better than ever! When the Guardians of the Galaxy get caught in a wormhole, a pint-sized Groot finds himself out on his own, billions of light-years away from his team, on an entirely alien and unknown world full of strange creatures and societies. Seriously underdeveloped and with nobody who can understand him, Groot will need to make the journey to the center of this world if he is to find the way back to his family! 

It's no secret that Groot is one of my favourite characters from Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians is one of my favourite series! So I've been super stoked for a series that's aaaaallll about Groot as well as curious as to how it would be done! 

I loved the art and the art style. It was beautifully drawn and nice and colourful, and the colour scheme fit the series Groot is so freaking cute! 

Baby Groot is is enjoying his childhood according to himself, which means he's low-key misbehaving. He pulls the crew through a mysterious portal and ends up getting left behind and has to fend for himself on a strange new planet. There's a nice, shady Administrator in charge of everything and determined to stop Groot from returning back to where he came from and you know...generally up to no good! The whole planet has a sense of wrongness that translates from the page and the images. 

Groot gets himself a new oddball crew, Diplatessa, Dhamsus and Buddy! They where such an interesting group and I was curious about each of them! They fit with Groot well and I enjoyed the interactions between them all, they provided for a nice amount of comedy. A couple of the characters had to translate for Groot, obviously, but the volume went along quite well despite Groot not being able to say anything but "I am Groot". 

I Am Groot is fast paced, entertaining and humorous. Groot as the main character has certainly been a lot of fun and a wild ride! I'm really hoping there will be more! We get to see another, kind of creepy planet, and there's some little easter eggs thrown in for you to spot! We also get to see some fun interaction between Groot and Rocket and some more of the friendship between the two! 

Manga: Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party, but almost immediately they find themselves in distress. It's the Goblin Slayer who comes to their rescue--a man who's dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins, by any means necessary. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there's no telling who might come calling next... 

This volume throws us straight in to the blood and gore, and there's a good amount of action to offset the backstory segues for the main characters that we meet in this volume. While we get a nice amount of backstory on some of them, there's still more that we want/need to know and will find out over the course of the series I assume! The world is set up nicely too as we get all the relevant information on how everything works and so on. 

The art is oddly cute for Priestess and Goblin Slayer and everyone else, and then in contrast the goblins are pretty gross, I'm not going to lie! There's a nice amount of detail to the backgrounds and settings and buildings that I really appreciated and the art was all around pleasing! 

Goblin Slayer has a nice pace to it, and a good amount of action. This is a good first volume that lays the foundations for the series, setting up the world and bringing in a couple of the main characters as well as a little bit of mystery. 

Monday, 1 January 2018

Manga: Re:ZERO Chapter 2 Vol 4

Re:ZERO Chapter 2: A Week at the Mansion Vol 4
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

To save himself from another cycle of death and rebirth, Subaru must confront the beast in the forest. But what will happen to him there when his dear friend Rem snaps? is becoming the custom with this series, the last volume left us on quite the cliffhanger and this volume dives straight in where we left off. Subaru and Rem are working as a team and Rem swiftly gets her badass moment...followed by her scary moment. I'm really warming up to her now! We also get Subaru teaming up with Ram and the moment I've been waiting for! 

Like I said, Rem and Ram have been growing on me as characters and I've been curious about them and their past. This volume we finally get some backstory on both of them and they've now swiftly become a couple of my favourite characters, they're a lot of fun! They have such a heartbreaking and intriguing history too. 

This volume has plenty of action and a fast pace as we speed towards the end of this particular story arc. Everything ends neatly with a little plot thread to carry us over to the next arc and keep us intrigued and desperate to know what the answer to the mystery is! There's even a bonus story too!

Classics: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol 
Rating: 5/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Ebenezer Scrooge is unimpressed by Christmas. He has no time for festivities or goodwill toward his fellow men and is only interested in money. Then, on the night of Christmas Eve, his life is changed by a series of ghostly visitations that show him some bitter truths about his choices. A Christmas Carol is Dickens' most influential book and a funny, clever and hugely enjoyable story.

I loooveee Vintage classics, I'm slowly collecting the Russian Classics (which are seriously gorgeous, check them out!) and they always do such gorgeous editions and the brand new Dickens Vintage classics are completely wonderful to behold! Bright, colourful covers, and excellent cover illustrations! But not only that...they have sprayed edges too! I'm not sure about the other ones but A Christmas Carol in particular has black sprayed edges! There's also an iconic quote on the back! I seriously can't wait to collect the other Vintage Classics! 

Because A Christmas Carol isn't that long a book, this includes The Chimes and The Haunted Man too! A Christmas Carol is one of my favourite Dickens stories, and it's so Christmas appropriate, what could be more festive than ghosts terrorising an old rich man!? No but seriously, I do really love A Christmas Carol as a Christmas read and if you're looking for something festive to read, this is perfect because it's not too long either! 

I really do love Dickens writing, contrary to what you may already think, it's actually quite easy to read and isn't as heavy or difficult as you'd imagine! I love the imagery and turns of phrase he uses, and it's quite an atmospheric read. The Ghost of Christmas Future is....scarier than in any of the movie depictions! Although I'm talking about Mickey's Christmas Carol and Muppet Christmas Carol, the only two I've seen (I used to work at Disney, the songs/videos where played on a was hard not to absorb them!). 

A Christmas Carol is well written (obviously), atmospheric and vivid. It really paints a picture and you feel like you've time warped back. Dickens writing is witty, and it really does put you in the Christmas mood! It's also easy to sit and read in one sitting, and it's not a slog like some classics can tend to be. It being a short book, I'd recommend it not only for Christmas reading...but also for if you're after a taste of Dickens writing before diving in to one of the longer novels! 

As for this Vintage edition...what more can I say? It's got a gorgeous cover both inside and outside, an excellent choice of quote on the back, the paper is lovely quality and thick, and the sprayed edges are a nice touch! Another nice touch is the little "Ex Libris" page at the front! This edition is wonderfully laid out too, and the font's a nice size, which might be an odd thing for me to comment on...but I've read plenty of classics that have the font size reaaaallly tiny and it's kind of annoying! 

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