Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Manga: Compulsive Gambler 7

Compulsive Gambler Vol 7
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The Momobami clan sends envoys to Hyakkaou Private Academy in the hopes of winning not only the open election for student council president, but also leadership over the family, while Erimi challenges Yumeko to a game of Finger-Cutting Guillotine. 

Aw Yumeko's finally lost her house pet status guys! She's back to being an actual person, and things are looking pretty good...until the Student Council President decides to have an election for, you know...Student Council President and calls in the rest of her family. Of course the voting is going to be done over gambling, would it be any other way with this series!? 

I was pretty tense waiting to see if Yumeko was interested in winning and trying to become SCP, but I'm still not entirely sure. We all know she just loves the thrill of the gamble, but there's an interesting bit of information or perhaps it was more an implication that's making me think there's a lot more to Yumeko and her actions than we previously thought. 

Erimi is the first of the new characters to challenge Yumeko, and she basically wants to play a giant game of chicken with their fingers at risk of being cut off. So of course Yumeko's loving it. Honestly I loved Erimi's face when sh explained the game to Yumeko and Ikishima and she was no doubt expecting, horror, fear and so on....but got them absolutely loving it and being all excited. 

It's also Erimi that makes some interesting comments about Yumeko that had me like "WHAAAAT?!" So no I'm like...is it true? How? What? Why?! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!? I need to know. I need a proper reveal and explanation so I know it's legit. It does explain the President's interest in her though! 

Interestingly, it looks like the Vice President might be about to make a power play? She wants something from Mary, but we won't find out what until next volume. I'm wondering if Mary is about to turn on Yumeko and end their alliance, or if it's going to be an even bigger team up with her than I previously thought. I'm hoping she'll stay on Team Yumeko! 

Things are tense this volume, as we see our three participate in their game and I was on edge to see who was going to get hurt...or if they would at all as bits were revealed slowly. Things have definitely been shaken up with the new characters and the new direction of the story, they're going to get a lot more intense and I'm excited to see the other members of the family and what they've got up their sleeves! The stakes have definitely been raised!

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