Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday.....Daemon Black That Is!

Hey guys!
This Black Friday I'm giving you the gift of Daemon Black. 
I know there's those of you following me who have no idea who the hell I'm talking about so, because I think I'm so funny/punny I couldn't resist not doing a post about the Lux series on Black Friday because ya know......Daemon BLACK. Yeah I know, you get it already! 

Coming out on the third, is Oblivion. The first Lux book, Obsidian, from the point of view of Daemon himself, so you know....that's exciting! The book is awesome, it's kind of perfectly done, I'm not going to lie to you! 

Seeing as that's going on, it's the perfect time to convince you all to read the other Lux books SO...

What Is Lux? 

It's a series of books, with five books in all (six when Oblivion is out) by Jennifer L Armentrout who has written two other completely awesome YA series, that you should also check out! There's also a little prequel novella that's the story of two other characters that has a big part of the main books! Oh and I nearly forgot, there's a standalone book that's a spin off that I haven't actually read or uhhh....bought yet. Shhhh! 

SO the good news is it's not too late to jump on the Lux train, and ya can read them all in one go instead of the agonising wait in between books! 

What Is Lux About? 

Lux is about book addict and book blogger Katy, who moves to a new town and she moves right next door to the super hot Daemon and his sister Dee. Dee becomes her BFF. Katy is most likely a lot more luckier than any of us with her neighbours. 

Things should be a tonne of fun, but Daemon is arrogant, stab worthy and a general douche to her. Except for when he's not. *cos you're hot then you're cooooooolllldd, you're yes then you're nooooooo* 

So Daemon is doing his best to keep Katy away from his sister, but it's not really working out and he ends up doing what he was afraid Dee would do. After an incident a little secret comes to light. Nothing major. Just that Daemon and Dee are aliens, super freaking cool aliens with awesome powers who can stop time and stuff like that! 

The thing Daemon was most afraid of comes true. Thanks to his touch, Katy's lit up like a Christmas Tree and any of their enemies, who want to absorb their abilities, will spot her and she'll lead them straight to the Luxen. She has to stick close to Daemon until the alien mojo fades, which would be cool if she didn't want to strangle him half the time. Then there's the fact Katy just can't quite do as she's told...fair play really! History is repeating itself for the Luxen and that's not good news. 

But the series doesn't end there. If I tell  you about the rest of the series I don't think I'll be able to avoid spoilers, but let's just say, the alien mojo has an effect on Katy, and allies are actually enemies. There's a heap of betrayal.  There's a government branch that is shady AF, and they have to stop them to save themselves. Kinda crappy explanation from me but it's the best I can do! 

Why Should I Read Them? 

Because they're entertaining. They're funny, there's romance, there's actions, there's awesome aliens, there's originality and there's feels. As well as relatable characters, who have so much depth to them! Seriously the romance is just perfection. It brings the warm and fuzzies and you kind of can't help doing this: 

It's not straight forward, there's obstacles, but there's no silly love triangles. Seriously. I know you'll read the back of book two and be like "really?" but trust me. It's not an actual love triangle. 

There's electrifying (see, I'm punny!) fight scenes, suspense, true gasp out loud moments and downright hilarious moments. Not to mention you're never quite sure what's going to happen and the over arching plot is complex, with all these little threads leading up to the end. There's so much detail to the Luxen and their lore as it were, it's gripping and fascinating and just so damn original guys. Seriously. There's so many little bits added as the world of the Luxen is expanded upon as the books go on and more revelations come to light. 

If you get started now and you're fast reader you might even get done by the time that Oblivion comes out! 
I should also mention that Oblivion in eBook version is going to have book two and three from Daemon's POV as freaking exciting is that!? 

Reading Order: 

0.5 Shadows
1. Obsidian
1.5 Oblivion
2. Onyx
3. Opal
4. Origin
5. Opposition

So....there you have it. You know you wanna start it! Let me know if you start the books and LOVE them! Or ya know...drop me a comment if you want to know about the other books! 


  1. I'm so excited! Since I'm in the US it releases on the first. I'm going to start it as soon as I can and maybe I will eventually get around to reading Shadows.

    1. DID YOU GET IT DID YOU GET IT?! HAVE YOU READ IT?! I completely need to get round to reading that as well, shhhh don't tell anyone else! I need to get the eBook of Oblivion so I can read book two and three from his POV but so busy :'(

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