Thursday, 26 November 2015

Books I'm Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving guys! 
I'm not American, and therefore don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I do have American relatives and around this time of year I always end up contemplating what I'm thankful for! I recently did a photo challenge day for "thankful" and I thought it would be a nice idea to do a post of books that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving, and there are quite a few for various reasons, so I've tried to narrow it down a bit! 

1. Harry Potter
I really do try not to use this for EVERY post I do, but it's so hard because it's such a huge part of my life! You've probably all heard the story from me, you know, I always read a lot as a kid, but Harry Potter stepped it up a notch for me really, I really got in to reading through it. It was the first time I experienced eagerly awaiting the next book in a series, and the first time I went to a midnight release. I remember going at midnight to get Deathly Hallows and starting to read it immediately, having a nap basically and then getting up and finishing it. 

2. The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices
Again, I'm fairly certain I've mentioned this before in one guise or another but it's also been a huge part of my life. I actually stumbled across Clockwork Angel at the library and ended up immediately going and buying my own copy, and then the first three Mortal Instruments books. I stumbled across these at a rather....blah time of life. I was in a reading slump, I wasn't as in to it as I used to be. I was still reading but I didn't have that "OMG have to read, the feels" kind of thing. There was no passion and this brought it all back. Not to mention rocking up to a festival and meeting friends of a friend and immediately bonding over these books, and fingerling about it and basically meeting one of my best friends. We all read Clockwork Princess together in one night and it was glorious. 

3. The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings
I came to this sooooo late, like the films had been out for a while, I hadn't even seen them and then one day I just had the urge to watch them....and I loved them. Being the bookish person I am, I then immediately went and bought the books and started to read them, except for The Hobbit which I'd had on my shelf and hadn't really started it. These books basically got me in to fantasy which got me in to a lot of other books that I love that I probably wouldn't have picked up without reading LOTR! 

4. The Hunger Games
I have a confession to make...I had the books...but I didn't read them until I had seen the first film. Sorry guys! I ended up reading all three in pretty much three days. These books, I can't even. So perfect, so many feels and I'm kind of including this because I just saw the final film the other day and it gave me feels and I was just kind of so amazed to be involved with the wait for films and the excitement, it was like Harry Potter almost hahaa. No but this was the first Dystopian book I had read and I ended up reading SO MANY good books because of it! 

5. The Princess Diaries & The Mediator
Okay so these two are my favourites, but pretty much every Meg Cabot book got me through my teenage years. Either with pure escapism, or the humour or in some cases with some sort of advice or something that I could take from the book and use in my own life to sort a problem. Made those years a bit more enjoyable! You have no idea how excited I am about a new Mediator book coming out! Not to mention the Princess Diaries one that I STILL haven't read! 

6. The Covenant 
So, I stumbled across Half-Blood on Amazon, and of course, it was only published in the US so I have the original covers, and the books are a bit unwieldy if I'm honest, but I LOVED them! You all know I love mythology and Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt, and this one was right up my street. I re-read this series, or the Lux whenever I need a pick me up. I actually didn't read the Lux until last year. LAST YEAR! I really do suck! Half-Blood was a gateway drug, I swear, I was hooked. Eagerly waiting for each new book in the series. I've read every single book of hers except for the ones she's written under J. Lynn and the Lux spin off book which I haven't bought yet...shhhh! I'm currently reading Oblivion and I'm just know. I freaking love these books. They really do instantly lift my mood. I probably should have had this as number one but I didn't really do a ranking order just random!

7. Throne of Glass
These are just...I can't even. I got sent the third one to review, and I already had the other two on my TBR, so I finally got around to reading them all and I just fell in love straight away and they have such a place in my heart. The fandom, admittedly did have a falling out over Queen of Shadows but still. The story, the richness of it. It's like eating a really nice, rich slice of chocolate. You never want it to end, and you're savouring every bite, and then you're gutted because you scoffed it too fast. Perfection. 

8. Shadow Falls 
This is a series I always rave about, but no-one else seems to have really read. It's kinda creepy, what with all the ghosts, but it's got everything good you love in a book. It's one I really am due a re-read of to be honest, it's been a while! I've got the last two books of the spin off trilogy to read, everyone was going mad about the ending of the second book so I decided to show some self control for once, and wait until the final one was out to read it! I read these at a really crappy time in my life, and just got completely lost in them. 

9. Jane Eyre
I read this at school for my English GCSE. Never before had I ever read a classic. Well. I'd kind of read Dracula and The Secret Garden but it was more of a "it's free with the paper, and I have nothing else to read" kinda thing and I don't think I actually finished Dracula. So, this one was the first classic I read all the way through and actually liked. I read ahead of the class and everything and got way too in to the essay for the coursework. If I hadn't read this at school, I probably would have no classics on my shelf and wouldn't have read any others! 

10. The Diviners
THIS SERIES. There's only two and the sequel was out this year and I re-read Diviners and oh my god. I get SO pulled in when reading Diviners that I end up swaying towards a Diviners style when doing makeup and getting dressed and everything. I go full 1920's it's insane. I even went crazy for the Lair of Dreams review and made a playlist with all the songs and a few other finds, to go with it. These genuinely suck me in the entire time I'm reading and they're so decadent and kind of creepy and just completely glorious and I was really falling out of love with Historical kind of books and then BHAM. Historical setting AND kids with powers AND  a ship that I ship so hard I'll probably be emotionally compromised if they don't work out. 

What books are you thankful for?! 

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