Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Month In Books: October

Happy November guys! 
It's wrap up time again! 
I've done a fair amount of reading this month, and bought quite a few books to be honest. I'd planned on reading loads of Halloween books for the month, but I didn't get to actually read all that many in between taking photos for my Tumblr and reading review books. I did get to re-read The White Rabbit Chronicles though, which is a Halloween read of mine, and had time to re-read Snow Like Ashes before I started Ice Like Fire! I also bought the Penguin English Library copies of some of the Halloween classics that I have in leather-bound because why not. 
ALSO I've figured out why Blogger is pixelating my photos and managed to find a way around it! Woo freaking hoo! 
I've not got all that many review books for November, so I think it'll be a month of re-reading for me! I keep getting the urge to re-read books and now I have no excuse to stop me! I'm also planning to start reading a classic book a month from this month onward, but we'll see how well that goes for me! I may or may not have an exciting opportunity coming my way that could impact my time! If everyone could send me good luck/vibes for that, that'd be fantastic! So anyway...

Books Read This Month: 

Iron Warrior isn't pictured because Kindle, Ice Like Fire I literally just finished the day after I took it, I completely forgot about Lemony Snicket and mind spaced, but I did actually read them all! I also re-read Finding Sky and Misty Falls after I finished Angel Dares because I was in the mood! But yeah, I was kinda rushing when I took the photos and not really all that focused so I have missed out a few, my bad guys! 

Books Bought This Month: 

Fancy books are fancy! So besides the English Library versions of books I already have....I got like three sequels. Starting Darkest Minds without owning the final two books was SUCH  a tactical error! Witch Hunter I've been after for ages and ya know...Halloween so I thought why not. Shutter, another Halloween read. A new Penguin Drop Caps edition, and I couldn't resist the fancy leatherbound of a book about King Arthur! Nor could I resist the flex-cloth Game of Thrones....the amount of books I have multiple copies of is insane. 

Books Received This Month: 

I am insanely grateful to all the publishers who sent me these, I mean....I can't even. So, so grateful! I won The School For Good and Evil from Maximum Pop, which was incredibly lucky of me! The reviews for The Osiris Ritual (it's like Titan can read my mind), Dangerous Days in Ancient Egypt (history for adults from a creator of Horrible Histories, hello awesome), and Miss Peregrine's House (ridiculously intrigued by this series!), will all be up in the coming weeks! 

I've given you a mix of GoodReads links and Amazon links, because GoodReads doesn't have some of the correct freaking covers/editions! Let me know what you got up to in October down in the comments and have a fantastic November! 

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  1. Gah I wish I could buy books like other book blogger do! Until then I'm a poor college student. I'll get there one day! I love your photos. What camera do you use to take them with?


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