Monday, 17 December 2018

Manga: Frau Faust 5

Frau Faust Vol 5
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

With the help of Marion and Nico the homunculus, Johanna reaches the great belfry where Mephistopheles' head is kept. Johanna is nearly finished with the century-long game she's played with her demonic companion, but with Johanna's body slowly shrinking away and the church stopping at nothing to prevent her unholy reunion, will she accomplish her goal before it's too late? 

It's the final volume....finally! We've had a bit of a wait for this final volume to be out, so I'll confess it did take me a minute to catch up with what had happened in the previous volume! Things are a bit hectic in the beginning, we have people escaping left, right and centre and Vito teaming up with Faust. We have Faust and Vito heading to get Mephisto's head and Nico, Marion and Lorenzo swiftly joining the party after a bit of a pep talk. 

We had a sense of foreboding courtesy of one character and interestingly we got some insight into Olga, and I did kind of feel for her to be honest. This volume has a nice amount of action and tension and the was surprising and I was surprised right up until the end, I have to say! I liked how everything was wrapped up, with that one little thread left hanging that lowkey has you cheering! I do kind of wish the series was a bit longer though! 

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