Friday, 1 April 2016

April TBR

It's Aaappprrriiilllll! 
Which means it's time for a new TBR post! Normally I'd video this but I'm out of action on the videoing front for the time being so I'm doing a proper blog post instead! 
My April TBR so far is just review books, my classic for the month and my Harry Potter book for the month! It shouldn't take me too long to read them to be honest, so I'll end up reading some other books off of my TBR but rather than picking those out now, I thought I'd just decide at the time! 

Shaken is the third book in a series that I love by an author that I love, I'm so excited to read it that I'm gonna re-read the other two first, even though I don't really need to because they don't really carry on from each other! These books are seriously awesome you guys! 

Review book number one! It's a romance all about a girl who's the brand new assistant for the fiancée of a bands lead singer. She doesn't particularly like the band and there's loads of backstage drama, it should be a fun read! 

This was a surprise book post book, and it came with a totally cool map and I'm intrigued to start it! It's about a family who look after a river, and the main characters father ends up getting possessed by a spirit and our MC has to find the cure which is in the belly of a sea beast! 

In this book we have our MC who's living in an orphanage, he's taken to meet his long lost aunt but is attacked on the way. Turns out there's monsters and an ancient order of Knights that he's connected to but they're a little bit on the shady side, it would seem! 

I do love a fantasy, and I'm excited for this one! We have Ash who's a healer out for revenge and Jenna who's got a mysterious mark on the back of her neck and is being hunted down because of it. There's a series of murders throwing everything in to chaos and both Ash and Jenna don't really like the King all that much so I'm sensing a team up coming! 

I love Malorie Blackman and it's been an age since I've read one of her books! Noughts and Crosses is the last one I read...well the last book in that series anyway! Othello in space. Yep. Sounds awesome right!? You have Olivia who's headed back to Earth with her twin after a mysterious virus wipes out their family and the crew. Then you have Nathan who's ship's attacked and who's one of the few survivors. The two meet, romance ensues, there's some murder and ya! 

Yep, I'm going for my third Austen book! Persuasion might actually be my favourite so we'll see where this ranks on my Austen scale! I'm reading this for the 2016 Classics Challenge and I'm going to be buddy reading it with Rebecca! From what I gather, our main character is a bit of a matchmaker and things don't go as planned! 

After re-reading Goblet of Fire and realising quite how much is left out the film, I'm intrigued to compare this to the adaption! I'm really enjoying this HP re-read and I can't believe I haven't done it sooner! We have the reason I don't like the colour pink in this book....Umbridge. *shudder* 

So that's my April TBR, and once I've read those I'm going to be grabbing stuff off my TBR but I thought I'd wait and see what mood I was in rather than picking now! I'm hoping to get a fair few read this month, my goal for the year is to clear my TBR, or at least...most of it! The reviews for the books that I am reviewing will be up on the blog in the coming weeks! I'm not sure whether I'll be doing a video for Emma or just doing a blog post, it depends on how I'm feeling! 
Let me know what's on your April TBR down below! 

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  1. That is a very ambitious TBR I would kill for the skills of reading that fast!


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