Thursday, 31 March 2016

Birthday Book Haul

Hey guys! I know I promised I'd do a Birthday Book Haul video, but what with me being sick and not really feeling up to doing videos, I thought I'd do a blog post instead! I know it's not the same but still! I'm thinking I probably won't get the months Haul or Wrap Up done and possibly not my TBR either, sorry guys! Anyway.....haul time! 

I had a very bookish birthday, I got books...obviously, but I also got some other bookish things, Slytherin Scarf, book Pandora charm, Harry Potter top and so on! I also got a decent chunk of money, which I used for Manga! I'm trying to catch up on Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist and Seven Deadly Sins! They've not all arrived which is why they aren't pictured but I got Blue Exorcist Volumes 1-10, Fairy Tail Volumes 1-4 and Seven Deadly Sins Volumes 1-4! Manga is something I've recently started reading, I was getting Sword Art Online from the library and a couple of others, but I've watched the Anime for all three of these and decided I needed them for my collection! I know you all know there's a load of books that I'm after and I probably should have used the money for those...but they'd sit on my TBR shelf for ages, and Manga....well....I'm super fast at reading it so they don't take up shelf space on my TBR...basically! 

So what books did I receive? Well as you can see in the photos...a fair few! 

I got the super fancy edition of Death Note, it's got Volumes 1&2 in it and the edges are BLACK SPRAYED! I'm so in love! Although, it's going to be really hard to read without getting my fingerprints all over it! 

As you all know I collect various different editions of classics and I got two clothbounds for my collection! Anna Karenina and Wuthering Heights! They're so gorgeous, I really love the clothbounds because they're easy to read without damaging them, and they're ya know...really pretty! 

Next up is Lady Midnight and it's the super fancy Limited Edition version from Waterstones! I actually knew I was getting this and got it early when it came out! I'm kinda hoping the other two books will get a fancy edition too, but then at the same time my shelves are probably hoping they won't! 

I'm such a Game of Thrones fan, I have a shelf dedicated to all of the books and for my birthday I got the four graphic novel volumes! I've been eyeing them up for ages, because the art is completely gorgeous, and I'm planning to spend a day sitting and reading them and relieving back to before most of the pain and suffering started. 

As some of you may have seen, as part of my birthday week I got to take a trip to a kinda local comic shop and I came out with two! Harley Quinn and Power Girl because I love Harley Quinn okay, she's my favourite and I have all the individual comics but for Power Girl I decided I'd wait and get the bind up! Although now I think I'm gonna do that with Harley Quinn because I have no space left! 

I also got Spider-Gwen Vol 0 because I've heard a lot of good things about it and it's been intriguing me! I still need to actually read this one! So I managed to grab two of the bind ups that I've been after for aggeeesss and I still need to sit down and read both, because I've not had time yet! I'm thinking of taking it slower and stopping the current review pace I have because I'm burning myself out and I'm losing the fun of YouTubing and reviewing! 

Soooo that's my birthday book haul! I'm really sorry I couldn't do the video as promised, it's just I'm all fuzzy headed and snotty nosed and gross and I'm not really in the mood to drag myself out of bed and slap some makeup on you know? Plus editing the videos wouldn't be too great either with the fuzzy had! I'm hoping to return to normal starting with the Classic of the month, but I'm not entirely sure whether I will be, I'll definitely be back for the regular hauls/wrap ups etc in April and the May TBR! I think I might do this months as blog posts if no-one objects?! 

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, I had such a fantastic day and so many of you where so lovely! 


  1. Deathnote is amazing! I cannot wait for you to review it :) I have always meant to read Anna Karenina but it is so large it could take me months.

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