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Review: Trace Evidence

Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher, Arrow! 
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Tory and the Virals have proven again and again that no crime is unsolvable when the pack is on the prowl. This amazing collection includes three short stories in print for the very first time, as well as a brand-new, never-before-seen Virals adventure set after the events of Terminal

In “Spike,” Tory and her friends must stop a clever saboteur dead set on ruining Kit and Whitney’s wedding day, whatever the costs. Working with Tory’s famous great-aunt Temperance Brennan, these exciting stories give further glimpses into the Virals' world, and show the lengths the pack will go to when there’s a mystery to solve.

Includes Shift, Swipe, Shock, and Spike.

As some of you may remember, I got to review the Virals series and I completely loved it! I'm still hoping Terminal wasn't the last book and that there will be more because I didn't want to leave the characters or the world behind! So it's just as well that there's this handy novella collection, and I loved delving back in to the world! It's a brilliant collection of stories, each short story fills out the world of the Virals even more, filling things in or wrapping things up. Each is fast paced, but still has plenty of detail and complexity to it, as well as being well written. You're thrown straight back in to the world of the book, the novellas are just as funny, just as full of action and cute moments between Ben and Tory *wink wink* 


Shock is all about when Tory first came to live with Kit, and ya know..the first time she actually met him! It shows her first arriving at Morris Island and first meeting the other Virals, as well as Whitney. It's one of those missing scenes that I'd been curious about, wondering what it was like for her when she first got there, how she first met the boys and so on, and this novella answers everything. Kit and Tory's first meeting was kind of hilarious because it was so damn awkward, typical Kit really! Although he's a lot more collected when we see him in action with a turtle. We get the first impressions Tory had of the boys, some key places from the other books are pointed out to her, and a certain hideout. 

It was interesting to see the three boys interacting before Tory became a part of their group, and seeing what they where like together and so on, as well as seeing how they acted when they first met her and how Tory viewed them all. Tory and Ben from the beginning though...I love those two! 


Shift is set between book two and book three, and we get Shelton, Ben, Hi, Kit Tory AND Temperances point of view's. You get to see what they all think of each other, and in the boys cases what they thing of being Virals. You get a front row seat to Tory's relationship with Tempe as well as seeing it from the other's POVs. Not to mention seeing what Ben thinks of Tory! There's a mini mystery to solve as someone has broken in to Lab 3 and stolen equipment, and I liked how the mystery had detail to it, but was nicely wrapped up at a perfect pace. 


Swipe is set between book three and book four, and the gang are hanging out at Comic Con. I know it's fictional, but I was still jealous, okay! When a Terminator robot thing (I have no idea about Terminator okay, it was a T-800 whatever that means!) is stolen right from the convention floor, the gang has to solve the mystery. I LOVED how the Bones panel was mentioned, I definitely had a chuckle over that! I loved the setting, it was everything I imagined Comic Con to be *ugly sobbing* We get to see Tory and Tempe working together, and I'm struck by how different book Tempe is from show Tempe. We have another detailed mystery, that's fairly complex considering how short it is, neatly wrapped up without being rushed! 


Spike is perhaps the most anticipated of the novellas, being that it's set after Terminal! Whitney and Kit are getting married, and someone is truing to sabotage the wedding. I was genuinely surprised at the culprit as well! Talk about pathetic! ANYWAY, we see how everyone is getting on after the events of Terminal, including Chance. I loved seeing Ben and Tory together, and then the bit at the end! SO CUTE YOU GUYS, SO CUTE! The ending is kind of perfect, some things are resolved, but then...there a couple of things left a little bit open, which gives me hope for another book. I will never give up hope for another book! 

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