Monday, 18 April 2016

Charity Book Haul

Hey guys! 
So as you know I spent the weekend at the hospital, and I'll be spending a lot of time there this week visiting my nan! On Saturday, after spending the morning there and having to miss an event, my mum took me book shopping as a kind of reward/consolation and part bribe because other family members wind me up and I need to behave! In my local town, there's a charity bookshop and I completely and utterly struck gold! Check out my epic haul....

I've been after this particular edition for ages, and I pretty much snatched this off the shelf when I saw it and went all Gollum over it! 

Okay, so, I have like 5 editions of The Hobbit already, but this is the paperback version of the hardcover I have and it was really pretty and only £ can never have too many editions right? 

I also have many editions of Lord of the Rings, this one however I seem to have misplaced and I'm assuming I've lost it or something. So I was overjoyed to find the exact edition I needed to replace! 

I collect the super fancy hardcover library ones, but I also collect these old covers. I mean I know the new ones are all fancy and everything too, but I love all the different characters being on the front cover, and I managed to get two more for my collection!

I've been missing this from my collection! It's one of Pratchett's children's books, I think I'm actually still missing a few, but then there is one that I think I've just misplaced. You have no idea where all the books have been in my house, they kept moving places and getting put in boxes and then taken out and so on, which is why I keep losing some! 

As some of you may know, I picked up Sabriel because everyone was like "Omg you have to read it, it's so good" and these are the final two in the trilogy and ya know...I debated getting them seeing as I haven't read Sabriel yet but like....super cheap and practically brand new, I was powerless to resist. 

The Last Days of Pompeii 
This edition is all leather-bound and fancy okay, and Pompeii is super interesting so that's all the explanation needed really! 

This is a manga series I've been meaning to start, and I know it seems weird buying volumes 5 and 6 before I've even bought volume one but Manga can be pretty pricey, and these two look like they haven't even been read and where like £2 each so bargain. I did pick up volume one from Waterstones so it's all good! 

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