Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Recently Added To TBR

So this is mega late, and I'm mega sorry, but my neighbours have been keeping me awake until 2 or 3am every day this week so far, and I'm struggling to get up super early like I usually do. I just LOVE the Easter holidays. Not.

Okay, so, this week's Top Ten Tuesday is all about the books you've recently added to your TBR list! Lately I've been so busy reading, I haven't done much adding, but I've managed to rustle up 10 for you guys to take a look at and most likely add to yours!

1. The Orphan Queen- Jodi Meadows
So, this has been floating about on my Twitter feed a lot recently, and after finally giving in and checking it out on GoodReads, it promptly got added to my TBR list, and I'm thinking that when my reviews are under control I'm going to be paying the library a visit!

2. Vengeance Road- Erin Bowman
Another spotted on Twitter recently, and checked out on GoodReads. It's got a really pretty cover, and a pretty cool premise, I mean....hello western! It's not often you find a cool western book out there, so I'm intrigued by this one! 

3. Soundless- Richelle Mead
So, I think we all know at this stage that I'm a huge Richelle Mead fan, I loved Vampire Academy, and I admitted recently that I loved Bloodlines even more. So, I was just casually browsing GoodReads, as you do, and stumbled across this....new Richelle Mead book....cool Chinese Folklore....how can I not read it?! 

4. Rebel Mechanics- Shanna Swendson
I can't remember how I found this, but whenever I'm watching TV and I get bored, I go through recs on GoodReads and I'm 99% sure I found this on recs. Alternative US history? Steampunk? Where do I sign up!? Right up my street! 

5. Starflight- Melissa Landers
This I definitely found on GoodReads, and I can't even begin to tell you how cool it sounds....I mean...Solara sounds like a badass, and the entire premise of the book sounds so awesome and unique, and I can't even get over it. 

6.  The Magician's Guild- Trudi Canavan
So, I'm on a bigger fantasy kick than usual recently, and this is a series one of my friends was talking about a while ago, and it popped up on my GoodReads recs, so of course it's been added to my TBR and I'll be paying the library a visit as soon as I have the time! 

7. Prince of Thorns- Mark Lawrence
So this is another rec that came up in light of my recent fantasy binge, don't get me wrong, I love fantasy, but I've been reading it more than usual lately, and have a bit of a craving for it, not gonna lie! So yeah, this one was rec'd to me, and it sounds right up my street, so on the TBR it goes! 

8. The Hunter's Kind- Rebecca Levene
This is the sequel to Smiler's Fair, and I LOVED Smiler's Fair, I rec'd it so much I think my friends wanted to punch me in the face. This being the sequel, it recently had its cover revealed, which is how I came to know of it's existence! When Smiler's Fair came out there where no sequel details, so I've been in a state of excitement ever since I spotted this on GoodReads! 

9. Six of Crows- Leigh Bardugo
Oh how I loved the Grisha, I went to a cool event and everything and have a cool bag as well! I was so gutted I couldn't go to any of the events where Leigh was giving out the dice sets for this! Forever jealous! Anyways, this is the start of a new trilogy or series, I'm not sure which yet. All you guys need to know is that it's described as a cross between Game of Thrones and Ocean's Eleven! 

10. Hidden Huntress- Danielle L. Jensen
I read Stolen Songbird from NetGalley ages ago, and I keep meaning to buy an actual copy, because I loved it so much, and I've been waiting for ages for this sequel, and it's just been so long, and I'm about to see what's new on NetGalley so let's all pray it's finally on there shall we!? 


  1. I cannot wait for The Hunter's Kind! I loved Smiler's Fair so much. At least we don't have too long to wait! Six of Crows is another book I'm looking forward to reading this year. In fact, this is just overall an awesome list! Happy reading! x
    my TTT

    1. Seriously, I'm way too excited for those two and they both seem like forever away! I'm way too impatient, but then nothing compares to the Game of Thrones wait!

    2. Hahaha true! I can't believe how long we've had to wait for The Winds of Winter! x

  2. I can't wait for Soundless! I adore Richelle Mead and her Bloodlines and VA series, though the last two books of Bloodlines weren't as good as the previous ones. Soundless sounds totally different from all the books I've ever read so I can't wait! Hope you'll enjoy all these books. :)
    Veronika @ Reading Is Dreaming With Open Eyes

    1. Shhhh don't say that! I've been so swamped with review books I have the last 3 Bloodlines books left to read! I liked VA well enough but towards the end I was a bit blah, but I still love Richelle anyway!
      I used to be obsessed with Chinese culture when I was younger, so Soundless appeals to me stupid amounts!

  3. I had quite a few of these on my list as well! Six of Crows and Soundless sound SO COOL. And I just finished The Orphan Queen a few days ago and really enjoyed it. I hope you do too, when you get to it!
    My TTT!

    1. I can't wait for them! Have you read The Grisha?! omg Im jealous, I'm going to get it from the library, but I have to finish my review books and my TBR stack first :(


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