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Top Ten Tuesday: Book Series With More Than 3 Books

Specifically this said "Books for readers who like series that have more than 3 books in" but I shortened it for the title because I'm lazy!
So yeah, this week it looks like we're acknowledging our love for series that have multiple books in, not that trilogies and duologies aren't cool, they are, love me some Hunger Games ya know? But series with more than 3 books give us something to really dig in to, especially if you're like me and have recently developed a habit/been really busy and end up with 4 or more books from a series to read in one go.
Now I'm rambling so let's get on with it shall we?

So, this has made me realise, I have actually read quite a few series with tonnes of books in, even if it didn't seem that way at the time because I was waiting for months for the next book and it was quite broken up. It's also made me realise, like I said, that I have 4 books in one series to read in one go whenever I eventually pull my finger out and get to it! I'm beginning to feel like I say much the same books each week, so sorry for repeats!

1. Harry Potter- J.K Rowling
Perhaps a bit obvious but this was honestly the first series I ever read, and I remember waiting avidly for each next book, and when the final book was out going to a bookshop at midnight, sleeping for a couple of hours and then reading it all in one day! I re-read this frequently as well, often when I'm supposed to be reading a chunk of my TBR! 

2. Maximum Ride- James Patterson
I believe this was recommended to me by a friend back in Secondary School, and I was sucked in from the first page. I thought this was finished actually,  but turns out there's ANOTHER book coming out that I now need to wait for with baited breath! It's an original one that's for sure! 

3. Game Of Thrones- George R R Martin
Perhaps another obvious one for me, but this one is one where you can truly savour the world building and the character development with each instalment. I have 2 more books (technically 3 seeing as one is split in to two) to read in the series, I had to take a break to read a load of review books and then I kept being too busy to carry on, but I'm determined to finish it within the next couple of months! 

4. Throne of Glass- Sarah J Maas
I know I've mentioned this multiple times already when doing Top Ten Tuesday, but I really do love this series, and I'm getting really impatient for the next book, and there's promising to be a few more after that! It's one I can really get my teeth in to, with a rich world and fantastic characters, and it's definitely one of my favourites! Which is why I keep mentioning it! 

5. Grave Witch- Kalyna Price
This one is one for all the supernatural fans, and it's one I stumbled across at the library, and it quickly made this list because it's an original book, and one that gets better with each book. I'm currently waiting impatiently for the fourth book, which has been put back again, and after the ending of the third book I'm desperate for the next book! 

6. Drake Chronicles- Alyxandra Harvey
I know I've mentioned this one before as well, but it's another favourite of mine, and I'm a strong campaigner for Lucy getting a spin off series! Harvey is a favourite author of mine and I've ready all but one book that she's written, and even then, that book is in my TBR, this one is a nice original take on a well used theme!

7. Shadow Falls- C C Hunter
Again, another I've mentioned but it's a great series, it's fun, it's got a cute romance, and it's original. It's another I re-read whenever I have a chance, and it's even got a spin off series on one of the characters that I've determined to wait until the third and final book is out, before I read the second, judging from people's comments! There's one too many cliffhangers in my life right now! 

8. Mortal Instruments- Cassandra Clare
Yet another I've mentioned before, possibly multiple times, but it's one of my very favourites, and I really really do love it, even though I have reservations about the TV series. It's another one to re-read and it's got everything you need in a good series! Not to mention it's prequel trilogy that ties in seamlessly, and the spin off series that's upcoming and set after the events of this series! All these different series set in the same world are seamlessly woven together, it's incredible! 

9. The Covenant- Jennifer L Armentrout
I've also mentioned this series before, because it's awesome, and Alex is one of those characters that I love more than most, mostly because of her snark and how badass she is! I re-read this one regularly as well, and it's so original and a series you can get lost in. It also has a spin off series based on events after and following one of the other main characters. 

10. Bloodlines- Richelle Mead
This is actually a spin off series of a series that I've read and loved, I just happen to love the spin off series even more than the original series, which makes no sense, but yeah. Blame the characters! Serious love for this series! 

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  1. Yes - so happy to see the Harry Potter series is your number one! Mostly because I LOVE those books, but also, I haven't read many of the others you mentioned :-( I started the Covenant series and really enjoyed the world and the characters, so I'm looking forward to continuing! I will definitely pick up the Throne of Glass series sometime soon and hopefully Game of Thrones - LOVE the TV show.
    Great list :-D I will check out the books that are new to me x


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