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The Iron Ghost

The Iron Ghost
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of Bookbridgr!

Wydrin the Copper Cat of Crosshaven, Sir Sebastian and Lord Aaron Frith are experienced in danger and dealing with the old Gods, what with how they defeated them and everything. The three are now enjoying the perks of being very, ridiculously popular, with their services well in demand. They soon find themselves travelling to the distant Skaldshollow, with what's promising to be an easy quest, and more importantly, easy coin, they can even enjoy some nice mountain air and some lovely views.

That is....until an old demon buddy of Sebastians decides to make a comeback and, feeling lonely, decides to resurrect his old crazy mage buddy, who decides Frith is going to be his new bro, promptly kidnaps him and then brings them all a world of trouble with his general cray cray. Not to mention the new buddies they make in the mountains out of a rather interesting race of people, the thieves who stole the item our trio where sent to retrieve. And by buddies I mean they hate them with a burning passion and try to kill them, but it's all good cos they have cool Wyverns!

It's up to our trio, with the help of a Prince and a girl with a rather...unusual talent, not to mention some stones that like to take casual strolls and a ghost, to stop this utterly crazy mage, and restore the world to rights. But with enemies, old and new, all over the place, it's going to be very...challenging.

Sorry, I'll get to the review in a minute but OH MY GOD IT HAPPENED! WYDRIN AND FRITH...FINALLY! FREAKING FINALLY OMG IT WAS SO CUTE AND OMG I WANTED TO BANG THEIR HEADS TOGETHER BUT FINAAALLLLYYY! Now I need another book to satisfy my cravings for this extensive and enchanting world, because I hate leaving it and I already want to go back and it's not just because I need more Wydrin and Frith!

I LOVED The Copper Promise when it came out, seriously loved it, and I didn't realise there was a second book of sorts, so you can imagine my feelings when I found about this book and I'm so grateful that the publisher sent me a copy because it was everything I was hoping for and more.

I still love Wydrin, she's still my favourite, she cracks me up all the time, and I'm always laughing out loud at everything she says and does and she's so perfect, and there where a couple of heart stopping moments for me when I was like "hell no that didn't happen!". Each character is so well written and full of depth and a bit more of them was explored in this book, but nevertheless Wydrin is still my fave! I do like the other three, but she's the best. I do feel it's time for Sebastian to get his happy ending now, can we find him a bloke please!? I was all excited for him in this book and then it was like "aw noooo!".

Each character, when we met them, had a complicated backstory, there's little bits that are added, but it's more in the present and the aftermath of what happened after their big battle with the ugly dragon. I was kinda sad, because I loved all the backstory's and wanted to see more of the character's lives, especially Wydrins because, hello.....pirates, but I still loved the story nevertheless.

There's a smidgen of romance, squint and you'll miss it, but that's what makes it so perfect, especially when it's thrown in, it's so subtle and not even secondary to the story like....fourthly or something. It's so well done. I heart Frith and Wydrin.

We get different POV's again, and like in CP, each is very well done, and the switches are always done at the perfect time. We even travel back in time at certain bits to see what happened with Sebastian and the Sisters after events of CP. I love the POV changes because it keeps the story fresh, and the narrative engaging and for me I can't imagine the story without the POV's because there's so much going on in the plot, and the group isn't always together so we need a way to see what's going on in different places with different characters.

The world continues to be well written, well created, and utterly absorbing and enchanting. I get sucked in right from the first page, and the world is clearly so extensive, and we got to see a little bit more of it in this book, and I'm still eager for more. It's original, it's magical, it's enchanting, it's an incredibly written and imaginative world, and it's one you can get lost in for hours, and daydream about and think about when you've finished reading, not to mention the characters that are so colourful, they decorate the richly created world like diamonds on a tiara.

Our trio of heroes really develop even more in this book and come in to their own, and this book has every bit of the old school quest vibe that Copper Promise did! Each chapter leaves you wanting more, it's beautifully written and so descriptive, and the plot is so complex, and there's so much going on you can't put the book down, not to mention how hard it is to guess what's going to happen next. There where plot twists left, right and centre, and I found myself just rolling with it, being shocked and feeling all the feels, rather than even attempting to guess what was going to happen! I'm still devastated about a certain death in the book though, I mean really...did you have to? It's like Dobby all over again *ugly sobbing*

Everything you loved in the first book, the magic, the griffins, the adventure, the action, all the unique and original things that made you love CP are all present here, except we also get some really cool looking walking stone statue thingies, which where awesome! Each element and little side plot, or plot thread are all woven together to create this incredibly rich and intriguing plot that never has a dull moment.

Iron Ghost is a fantastic continuation from Copper Promise, you're immediately right back with the characters in their world, you know what's been going on without spending pages reading a "previously" kinda bit, little tidbits give you what you need to know.

Iron Ghost is atmospheric and vivid, the world continues to be imaginative and rich, with a rich history and mythology and colourful, well written and complex characters, that all combine to suck you in to the world and keep you enchanted up until the very last page. You'll be left wanting more, more of the characters and their....relationships *coughWydrin&Frithcough*, more of the world, more of the magic, more of the adventure, more of the laughs and more of the mayhem. I need another book more than something I really need, I can't think of anything right now that's not too over dramatic! I just need more!

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