Friday, 4 December 2015

The Month In Books: November

Merry December guys! 
I'm so excited for this month because I just really love Christmas and I'm kinda hoping for snow, not going to lie. But then I hope for that every Christmas! 
I read a grand total of 13 books in the month of November, less than usual but more than last month so wooooo! 
I wasn't exactly in a reading slump this month, I was actually really excited to re-read a favourite series of mine but for some reason I just took ages to read and let myself be distracted by everything! It just took ages. It was like "I could read but then I could watch loads of episodes of Gotham.....again". Yeah. Annoying! 
I'm currently in the process of planning out this months...stuff! I've got a few ideas for some blog posts as well as photos. I'm planning to do photos similar to my Halloween Reads ones over on my tumblr, but I'm struggling because I can only really think of Christmas Carol and The Snow Queen! If you have any suggestions comment me! 

I'm also well aware that I'm getting a camera for Christmas because I grabbed it in Black Friday deals! Because of this, not only will my photos in the New Year be better.....but I'm contemplating finally starting to do videos. I'm a bit nervous about doing it because it's so very different from acting you know...being my awkward self with my London we'll see! I'll most likely video a December Haul of some sort or something! 

In other news....I have a giveaway running over on my Instagram for a copy of Obsidian in honour of the release of Oblivion, so head on over there to check it out! 

So on with the wrap up! Also, the lighting was not great for these photos but I ran out of time and had to make do! 

Books Read This Month: 

Touch of Frost etc is the series I wanted to re-read so badly. I just really was in the mood and figured I wouldn't be able to focus on reading anything else until I finally gave in and did it! So I made time to do it after reviewing Peregrine's Home! They're also the only books that aren't review books read from this month and as you can see....I failed at my whole "starting to read a classic a month" thing. *sigh* this month....I swear

Books Bought This Month:

As you can probably tell, I'm slowly but surely collecting all the Word Cloud Classics and Barnes and Noble Leatherbounds! I'm actually making more progress with those than my Penguin Clothbound Classics collection and English Library haha. Although, B&N have loads of leather bounds you can't get over here...damn you B&N! Unspoken and Dark Heart of Magic are next in series books and Newt's Emerald and The Archived I've heard SO much about and ya know....the author of The Archived is one of my faaaaaves!

Books Received This Month: 

So I've been incredibly lucky again this month and I'm so grateful! The Masked City, Oblivion and Those Below are three of my most anticipated books! Front Lines and Drearcliff caught my eye and I love Kim Newman anyway! Front Lines is actually my first Michael Grant book, I stumbled on it on GoodReads! One In A Million boy was a surprise! 

What was your month in books like? 

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