Thursday, 17 December 2015

Dangerous Lies

Rating: 4/5 
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Source: Copy courtesy of NetGalley 

Stella Gordon is not her real name. Thunder Basin, Nebraska, is not her real home. This is not her real life.

After witnessing a lethal crime, Stella Gordon is sent to the middle of nowhere for her own safety before she testifies against the man she saw kill her mother’s drug dealer.

But Stella was about to start her senior year with the boyfriend she loves. How can she be pulled away from the only life she knows and expected to start a new one in Nebraska? Stella chafes at her protection and is rude to everyone she meets. She’s not planning on staying long, so why be friendly? Then she meets Chet Falconer and it becomes harder to keep her guard up, even as her guilt about having to lie to him grows.

As Stella starts to feel safer, the real threat to her life increases—because her enemies are actually closer than she thinks…

I am a HUGE Becca Fitzpatrick fan, the Hush Hush series was one of my favourites, I have them all in hardback because I couldn't wait for them to come out in paperback and the wait between books was brutal! I don't particularly like contemporary, it rarely holds my interest to be honest, just for no particular reason! I prefer something with a fantasy element or something! ANYWAY. I completely loved Black Ice despite it being a contemporary and I had high hopes for Dangerous Lies. I was not disappointed! 

I found myself lost in the book, completely gripped by events. Especially towards the end when I could see the percentage read getting higher and higher, closer and closer to 100% and I'm thinking "okay....anytime now something's going to happen, something bad" and then BOOM! An edge of the seat finale to the book! 

Over the course of the book I became so attached to Stella and Chet. I was trying to work out what had really happened that night, and I kinda guessed but it didn't take away from the enjoyment of the book as the scene was written so vividly and horrifyingly you felt for Stella. Chet also had a heartbreaking story to him, and I enjoyed how realistic and believable he and Stella where, as well as Trigger unfortunately. I mean, it's probably no a surprise he's a douche with a name like Trigger, probably became a douche to negate all the bullying he endured for his name! 

ANYWAY! I loved that the characters weren't perfect, they'd both done things they regretted and they where so authentic and you just LOVE them! Especially the two of them together. They gave me feels all the way through, I loved watching their relationship develop and change and everything. I loved watching them work through their issues and come to terms with things and they where just perfectly written. You really got a feel for them and connected to them in just this one book. Sometimes in standalones I find myself struggling to know the character but that's not the case here! Stella goes from a complete brat to a character you come to care for so much, it's insane! 

There where so many little mysteries in the book. What really happened that night? Where did Trigger recognise her from? What's the deal with Chet? and so on. I found myself pleasantly surprised, I mean I kinda guessed about the whole events of the night thing but not right away, but other things surprised me, like Reed and who he is. The book is written so compellingly that you lose yourself in the story and this tiny town. 

Don't get me wrong, there where still a few cheesy bits but I do love a bit of cheese every now and again! To be fair, it did start out kind of iffy and I was like "oh no...this may be the first book of hers that I don't like" as it took time for me to get in to it, but at the same time....I was still compelled in to reading to find out what happened, and then over the course of the book I got more and more addicted and more and more invested in the book. 

There's not all that much action, I wasn't sure what to expect because it was all "Witness protection" and then it was all proper American, I don't know what word I'm looking for, like deep American, there where cowboys and stuff. BUT despite the lack of action, there was tonnes of romance. TONNES. Love me some romance and at the time of reading it was just what I was after! All in all it started off weak and got better and better as the book went on, and I ended up completely obsessed with the book and the ending was SO INTENSE. Proper gripped to the page at that point! 

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