Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Book Talk: Witch Hunter

Hey guys, I'm back with another book talk! 
As I have more time now to read books off my TBR, and I have a strong need to fangirl after most of them, I'm thinking of making this a regular thing because then we can all fangirl together, even if I'm ya know....a bit late to the game with some of them! 

Today I'm going to be talking about Witch Hunter, because OH MY FREAKING GOD HOW DID I NOT READ IT SOONER?! I wanted to read it so badly, but I didn't get around to reading it until the other day. I bought it finally because I was like "Oh I may as well buy it because ya know...Halloween!" so I FINALLY bought it but it's taken me this long to read it and I kinda wanna smack myself for taking so long to read it but then at the same time....the wait until the next book is less I suppose?! 

I don't know how the hell I'm going to wait until June for the next book because I'm so eager to get back to the world of the book. I freaking love original and different books and this is one of those fo sho guys! 

This is the point when I should mention this won't be spoiler free because I can't avoid spoilers while freaking the hell out! 

I'm reading and I'm reading and I'm like "yep, yep, loving this" I wasn't too sold on shipping her with Caleb because I was like "dude you're being a douche" with the whole leaving her in prison thing and everything. I wasn't sure if it was gonna be a love triangle or what and it wasn't and I'm kinda glad the book went that way because it ended up SO AWESOME and the romance was SO CUTE. Although with what went down with Caleb, my heart freaking broke for Elizabeth! BUT BUT BUT, like.....he can't be dead right?! I'm feeling like Caleb is alive because Blackwell probably saved him but then maybe that's what the author wants us to think and really he is actually did or I don't even know! 

I got so completely sucked in to the world and attached to all the characters it was insane, Elizabeth is my new fave, not gonna lie. Badass, strong, freaking awesome. Not to mention funny! Completely my fave, her narrative gave me life and I miss her already, I got way too attached to her considering she's a fictional character not gonna lie. 

I shipped her and John to another level, like in the beginning I wasn't sure who the romance was gonna be with because for a while there was always a chance it could be Caleb but then that got nipped in the bud. But like once I saw her and John together I was like "yaaaaaaaasssss!" because like he so obviously liked her from the beginning and it was SO CUTE! There where so many warm and fuzzies all up in the book guys. Seriously. PERFECT FREAKING ROMANCE AND I WANT THEM BACK TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITH THEM NEXT. 

OH OH OH and Schuyler and Fifer....ARE YOU A THING?! YOU'RE A THING RIGHT?! YOU ARE YOU ARE I SWEAR! Like I wasn't sure for ages. They where all kind of coupley and bantering with each other and I was like "you two had better be together" and then I wasn't sure and he was all flirty with the nymphs. But then as the book went on I was like "YOU TOTALLY ARE A COUPLE OH MY GOD YOU'RE ALL CONNECTED AND HE CAN HEAR YOU FROM AGES AWAY OMG CUUUUUTTTEE" damn am I hoping for more of those two in the next book! 

I freaking loved Fifer as well, I was waiting for her to warm up to Elizabeth and when she saved Fifer's life, I freaking loved the friendship that started forming. Fifer defending her, comforting her when she was all upset, being all buddy buddy the next morning and then insisting on going with her along with John and George. I freaking LOVED IT. Not to mention Elizabeth's friendship with George. Like, perfect friendships, perfect group. I love all of them together guys, so much. 

I loved the dark twists to this book and I was so surprised by the thing with the King, I didn't see that coming, honestly I didn't. That was the last thing I was expecting when reading the blurb. Although I'm kind of intrigued, like not in a weird way, but like it just seems like the two of them had a lot of little conversations. I'm SO not here for him being one part of a triangle between her and John in the second book, like the thought did cross my mind when Blackwell was like "he likes you" or whatever, like it's not out of the realm of possibility that he could be but I'm hoping not! ANYWAY. Many surprises guys. 

This book was freaking full OF INTRIGUE AND FEELS. SO MANY FEELS. Couldn't stop reading and I finished it at like 3am, kinda feels. Especially the saying bye to Caleb and then being on the bad guys side and then getting slashed by the sword. LOVED the legend to the sword by the way. 

We need to talk about page 397 though guys. That bit DESTROYED ME. Like Elizabeth I still thought she was in the illusion and then the leg stabby bit happened and like all of that was going down and I was still half thinking she was in the illusion and none of it was real, and then when the thing with Caleb happened, I realised it was all real and I genuinely had to throw the book down on the bed and sit and have a breather before carrying on. I can't even with that bit of the book, seriously. I CAN'T EVEN. Genuinely couldn't handle it! 

I can't even with the next book either and I've only read the freaking synopsis for it because clearly Elizabeth is going to be sent to assassinate Blackwell and like clearly there's going to be danger to her and probably John and everyone else. Then there'll be a showdown with Caleb if he isn't dead and I can't even. I loved how Witch Hunter ended it was kind of wrapped up but with threads for the next book and the possibilities for the next book are endless and I just can't even wait. GIVE IT TO ME NOW OH MY GOD PLEAAAASEEE! 

SO, I am once again calm, please, for the love of GOD.....let me know in the comments what you thought of the book and what your theories for book two are! I need to fangirl and I need you guys to fangirl with! 


  1. I was expecting to hate this book but in the end I loved it. I fell in love with Caleb so hard he was so heroic :) I don't really read witch books but I am so glad I did with this. How long did it take you to read it?

    1. ME TOO! I loved Caleb and like, I was so gutted with how things went down with them :( I read it in like two days, half one day, half the other! You?

    2. It was a good read though. It took me about a week, I was in a major reading slump :)


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