Friday, 11 December 2015

Book Talk: A Mad Zombie Party

Right guys. 
I'm not reviewing this I just want to discuss it because I JUST GOT AROUND TO READING IT AND OH MY GOD! I finally got around to it, this is essentially going to be a concise bout of fangirling and hoping someone else has read this and can relate! 

I'm trying to remain calm but I really can't even! 
I was apprehensive going in because I love the first three books and I shipped Kat and Frosty so bad and I hated what happened so I really wasn't sure how I'd feel reading this book to be honest. The entire time I'm reading I have this sense of...I don't know. Once I started to get to know Milla and her background and saw what she was like, I really liked her and her and Frosty where so cute and everything. The entire time I'm reading though....I just felt a bit sad because of him and Kat. They really where my fave in the first three books!

Frosty in the beginning though made me so sad and then he and Milla and how he came back to being himself and just. PAIN. ANGST. MY FEELS. PERFECTION. Seeing what everyone's been up to as well, since the last book. I wasn't really sure what could really happen next, but then the whole thing in the other book wasn't really a sensible idea so I can't believe I didn't see this coming to be honest, it was good though! 

So I got on the Milla and Frosty train and I loved it and it was cute, and watching it all develop was completely adorable. It was really weird getting Frosty's POV to be honest. I wasn't sure how it was going to be done, I expected Milla's POV I guess, but it was fun getting both and seeing what they think of each other and just SO CUTE! 
I kinda wish we'd gotten Cole's POV in the other books now, especially in book two! So. Much. Angst. 

This book for me was pure fangirling. Not going to lie. Freaking Frosty's name. We get Frosty's real name. I wasn't sure it was going to happen and when we find out I was like OH MY GOD. OMGGGGG! FINALLY! There wasn't much Cole and Ali, I wasn't really expecting there to be, which made me kind of sad because they're my favourite two, but I fangirled hard whenever they where in the book! 

I think this book wrapped up everything really nicely, a lot better than the third book. Like before we knew there was going to be a fourth book, I read the third one, obviously, and I was happy. I loved it. But with how it all ended it was wrapped up but not really. I didn't feel like it had been completely done, door shut on it all and everything. This book really wraps up everything nicely, a lot better than the third book. Seeing what happens to them after the books though. I can't even. 

THEN KAT. When I read her bit at the end I was like oh my God no, I can't believe that, how can you do that to us Gena?! Gutted. Her and her object of affection would have been adorable. Or at least fun to watch! 

Overall I'm kinda left feeling a bit bereft now it feels like it really is over and like I said I loved the book but it also made me sad while I was reading too! It did make me laugh a lot though, there's so much banter and it's definitely dodgy to read these books in public. Not gonna lie. 

OH OH OH, ALSO......Kenzie and her new friend. AAAAAWWWWW! AND AND AND, the first freaking chapter of her new book I'm just like GIVE IT TO ME NOW!  Ugh. So good. Gena has originality in her books freaking COVERED. 

I'm trying not to be spoilery just in case by the way! Which is why this is all very vague! ANYWAY, please, for the love of God, fangirl with me in the comments! 

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