Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Awake Video!

It's Tuesday and I don't usually post on Tuesday so you're probably all confused right now because here I am! I'm also posting at an unusual time, but I have an exciting thing for you all! 
I was emailed by the lovely Melissa at Entangled Publishing to share a video with you guys. 

What video would that be? WELL. It's the new music video to go with Oblivion! Oblivion will have a full soundtrack and the video I get to share with you guys is the first full music video for the book. It's been inspired by the book so it'll make good listening before, after or just during your read of it. 

So without further babbling.....here it is! Enjoy the song and ya know....ogling Daemon. 

The lovely singer is Jolie and I have a handy link to her bio so you guys can check her out! 

Check out my review of Oblivion......here! 

I'm also giving away a copy of Obsidian in honour of the release of Oblivion, so head on over to my instagram, (instagram.com/realitysabore) to enter! Keep your eyes peeled on my other social media sites as I may well have another copy up for grabs! 

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