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Angel Dares

Angel Dares
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Angel is impulsive. Disguising her savant ability to control water doesn't come easily to her. Then she meets the broodingly handsome Marcus at a music festival where they're both performing, and finds herself all at sea. For when he sings, her soul answers with its own music.

 Like the tide, their mutual attraction cannot be held back, but Marcus's mistrust of Angel's gift is even stronger. How can they ever be together if Marcus is unable to accept who Angel is or what they could mean to each other? And with the net closing in on the Savant community it's time for everyone to choose a side. 

Right, I'm gonna be straight up with you guys...I freaking love Joss Stirling's books. No matter what mood I'm in, they make me smile, and I enjoy every page. If I'm having a bad day, or a bad time or need a pick me up...her books do it. They make me laugh, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, and they're my go to book whenever I want a comfort read or just want laugh. It just so happens that I got to review this book at the perfect time, and it did pick my mood up immensely! I knew this book would be no different, but I didn't know it would end up being tied for my favourite. 

I was really sad that I didn't have time to re-read the other books, because I would have loved to and I feel like I'm due a re-read anyway, but I didn't. With or without re-reading, it was easy to slip back in to the world of the Savants and the familiar characters. This is a series entered on Misty and her friends, Misty being the niece of Crystal from the first trilogy. Because I didn't get to re-read....I may have slightly forgotten some relatives of some characters and therefore gotten slightly confused about how Misty connected to the Benedict Brothers, but then the huge "OOOHH" moment came when I remember and wanted to hit myself for it! 

It has to be said, that while there are some Benedict brothers in this book, I'm really sad that the focus has shifted from them and they're not in the books as much. I was hoping the original trilogy would carry on in to a series with the brothers and that this trilogy would be a side trip to explore some of the younger characters. I really miss the Benedict brothers and seeing them so much, and seeing Victor in this book...I can't even. I, and I'm sure many other fans, have a desperate need for Victor and his story! I NEED IT. And after seeing him in this book and the protective side of him I'm just like....GIVE IT TO ME NOW. But anyway. Back on track. 

For fans of the series, there's plenty of mentions of other characters, and how others are getting on. Like I said, there are brothers in it. We have Will in this book, finally seeking out his soulfinder and enlisting Angel's help and because nothing ever goes smoothly for our Savants, especially with a dodgy journalist around trying to expose them....a couple of the others pop up to help. 

I have a feeling Angel Dares is going to make many a Summer reading list, the setting just vibes with Summer and reading it now in October...I could feel the sunlight and the warmth and long for it! When I was reading I was there, in the Summer sun, at a festival and completely lost in the book. I completely loved the setting. The whole "band romance" storyline is one that I can get on board with, as you don't really see it a lot and it was an interesting direction to take considering Savants try to keep quiet and off the radar. Seeing as how I've spent a lot of time at music festivals, the setting was very evocative for me, and I could relate to lots of things and I would remember lots of my own memories! 

I've got to say, I loved Angel immediately. I loved her personality, and her ability to attract trouble like a magnet. I loved her positivity and her determination, and I kind of wanted to punch Marucs towards the end of the book, on her behalf! Angel, to me, wasn't the typical damsel in distress. Yes she had to be rescued, she didn't have any other options, but she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself as she demonstrated more than once. Her mistakes where ones that you could forgive her for because they where mistakes most people make...without the Savant complications! She wasn't a perfect character and that made her so real and likeable, it was off the charts! 

Marcus. Well....I can't lie. He was a complete douche in the beginning and that's being polite! I spent a lot of the book kind of rooting for him and Angel, but then wanting to smack him one and kind of disliking him. But then he'd do something sweet and I like him.....for him to then be a douche again. Events at the end of the book really made me angry at him though...not going to lie! Like he did do the right thing, but he didn't really want to and he didn't believe Angel or believe in her. Sometimes it was understandable but other times you where just like...damn...Angel got the short straw! He really was a reluctant hero, and mucked up at every given opportunity so he wasn't your average romantic hero! 

Marcus and Angel where kind of the perfect contrast. He's so serious and takes himself so seriously, whereas Angel is completely happy and positive all the time and just wants to have fun and make the most of every opportunity. 

The thing with the romance was, that while Angel liked him and wanted him and everything...she didn't put up with his crap and how he was treating her, and she actually did hate him at some points, much like I did! Throughout the book, you where wondering if this was going to be one of those times soulfinders didn't actually work out, and you weren't sure how they could get together and have their happily ever after and everything so you never knew where it was going or what was going to happen next. Angel was incredibly strong about the whole Marcus douche thing as well, which made me kind of sad when she did forgive him, because while it was completely cute and literally had me flailing with the cute....I really did feel like she forgave him far too easily and wished the book had a few more pages so it wasn't quite so rushed. But still. 

The romance, when Marcus wasn't being a douche, was actually really cute and gave you a definite case of the warm and fuzzies. Seriously. It's one of the things I love about Stirling's books...the romance is always well written, never easy, and always makes you go all "aaawwww squeeeeeee" with the romance. 

I was so sad we didn't get more of Will, he's in the book because we're actually looking for his soulfinder and he does....ya know...find her...but I wanted to bask in Will finally finding her, but he and his SF where more like supporting characters and we didn't see more of their romance and I was like "I NEED MORE!". Like I said, I'm totally sad the books are veering from the Benedicts because I loved them as characters and I wanted to see more of them and their HEA's! Victor in this though....I LOVE HIM. 

I loved the vibe of the book, it was funny, like there where so many funny scenes that had me cracking up or smiling or just chuckling. The setting was fun and vibrant. The characters where fantastic. We get more of Misty and Alex as well as Summer, and I love how Stirling gives you all these characters, and while I might want to see more of the Benedicts and everything, each character, no matter how much they're in the book, is well developed and you learn a decent amount about them to understand them. 

The setting and the events and reactions and so on, where all very authentic. Especially Angel's meeting with the lead singer of Gifted....I think we've all been there with the whole *heavy breathing* "I'M NEVER WASHING THIS HAND AGAIN" *fangirls*. As well as other things. I just loved how I was reading, and thinking "so true" to a lot of the things happening. 

I found the book to be fairly unpredictable, there where some bits that I guessed, like the end...but it didn't diminish it because I was just getting more and more excited to get to it and the unending cuteness! I wasn't expecting the majority of turns, I was even wrong about which band Marcus belonged to! There where a couple of things that I guessed...but got completely wrong and I loved not knowing how it was all going to end and what was going to happen next. 

What I really loved, after seeing so many Savants who know what they are and have known about their gift all their lives and how to use it, was seeing so many Savants with no idea what they where. It was interesting to watch Angel handle the whole thing and how to explain and make them believe her, and see how the characters dealt with it and came to terms with it. 

This book is literally full of feels and there's loads of drama that has you on the edge of your seat, or biting your nails or wanting to punch other characters. You're groaning and going "noooooo" at some events and cheering at others and it's a complete rollercoaster with plenty of cute moments. I was glued to the page and read it in one sitting, I don't think I've ever not read one of Stirling's books in one's a real problem. I'm like a binge reader of her books. I have no self control. I kinda wanted the book to last longer! 

Like I mentioned, Crystals has always been my favourite story because I related to her so much and loved her completely...but after reading this book and it having a (I want to say trope but I'm not sure it's the right word) storyline that I kinda, sorta love, and loving Angel so much....I think Crystal and Angel are kind of tied for favourite story and character! 

I really can't wait for Summer's story to see Angel and Marcus again, because I so want to see them being all cute and FINALLY together, with him all accepting of everything! I also want to know more about the mysterious Summer and see who her SF is...I'm kinda hoping for Victor but he's way too old sadly. I'm assuming/hoping that we get Victors HEA in Summer's story and I'm hoping we get to see loads of Victor and his SF as well as Summer's because I've waited SO LONG for Victors! 

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