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Spooktober: The Watchers

The Watchers
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The Havens, Wales

My Name is Robert Wilding.

Since childhood I have been running from my parents' deaths. From my grandfather Randall Llewellyn Pritchard - his fanatical omens about fires in the sky. From what happened at Broad Haven.

But now my memories have returned to haunt me.

In the ministry of Defence Room 800 I met the man who keeps the nation's secrets - who wants me to investigate the sightings at Broad Haven: the ghostly figures, the lights from another world.

In know its is my duty to expose the truth behind 'the happenings', even if it will be dangerous. Even though I may not live to tell the tale. 

I know it is my duty, but still I am afraid. I know the Watchers will be waiting for me there.

Well then. This book is suitable Halloween reading what with the creepiness and everything! I read this in one go, I couldn't tear myself away, I kept reading wanting to know what would happen next, what was really going on and so on. The book is even more fascinating when it's revealed that the book is based on real events that happened in that exact area at the exact time the book is set. Creepy to the max. 

The book really builds up to the finale and the big reveal. The introduction is creepy with young Robert and his Grandfather and then before that the meeting with the Prime Minister. From there it's a gripping read, with the tension being ramped up, not to mention the feeling of unease. The writing is compelling and atmospheric. Giving you not only a feel for the place, but the general vibe as all of the events where taking place. It's got a very heavy atmosphere that sucks you in. 

It's all very intense, and in between Robert doing his investigating you have the little sections that really hit you with the creepiness and wrongness of events. You can tell something's going to happen, and these add to that feeling, giving you a sense of foreboding as you're reading. At points I was hearing Twilight Zone music! These little bits are extracts from a book by another character, written after everything went down. Then there's extracts from interviews with witnesses closer to the time, letters and so on. Each adding pieces of information and ramping up the tension and unease as the book speeds towards the climax and epic finale. 

There are many layers to the book, and it's fun trying to untangle everything. Robert clearly has some suppressed memories and he keeps getting flashes of his younger self and events that he was involved in, so you're trying to work out what happened to him and his parents. Then you have all the UFO's and other strange sightings that he's trying to rationalise until he just can't anymore. There's plenty of conspiracy stuff going on along with general government fuss. The ending of the book....well...that was chilling to be honest. Really chilling. I wouldn't put it past that particular prime minister either, if I'm honest. 

There's plenty of seemingly suspicious characters for you to scrutinise and decide whether or not they're involved in something. I will admit I was completely blind sided by the big reveal, the person behind it all and everything. Looking back I realise there was a clue or two but clearly I was too wrapped up in the whole UFO business to pick up on it! 

The plot was just fantastic, I mean there's mystery, there's strange goings on, suspense and even bits of horror. The plot was full of different threads and you're trying to work out how they all weave together as you're reading and being surprised left, right and centre. The book is not only atmospheric, but it has an entirely authentic feel to it, and the authors note adds some excellent information to get you thinking. 

Spring has a talent for storytelling and this is clearly something that caught his interest and sparked his imagination...not only did he decide to tell us about it in his own imaginative way, but he did so in such a way that he sparked my interest and imagination as well, and hopefully all of you lots as well!

I think I'm going to have to pick up his other book, Ghost Hunters, at some point as well, although if it's anything like this one.....I probably won't sleep very well after reading! 

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