Monday, 5 October 2015

The Month In Books: September

Hey guys!
Decided to do a wrap up post of sorts! 
I actually got a lot read this month, mostly because it's been a bit of a hard month for me on the personal front, it could be said that I'm having a hard time and I'm struggling a lot. I've got some decisions to make and stuff and yeah. Everything's a bit crap! As well as basically being punished for attending my own Grandfather's funeral back in June, but that's another story. Anyway, I usually just hide and read when I feel crappy, so that's what I've been doing! I ended up doing an accidental reading marathon the other weekend as well! 

I'm hoping to spend the month of October reading suitable Halloween reads, and I'm hoping to make both of my blogs as Halloween-y as possible and I have some posts planned for here for you guys, and over on Tumblr I'll be posting some Halloween Reads as well as doing the October Photo Challenge. All photos will be suitably staged and I'm actually quite excited despite the fact it'll take me hours to edit them and ya know....take them! But still! Anyway.....

Books Read This Month: 

Night School isn't actually pictured because I put it down somewhere and then couldn't locate it for the picture, because I'm an idiot. And ya room is upended because we're sprucing it up!
I am super excited that I finally finished Bloodlines though! I started it and was eagerly awaiting each book but when the fourth one came out I was too swamped to read it and then the same for the next one...and the final one...but FINALLY I HAVE FINISHED AND IT WAS PERFECT! Moving on.... 

I didn't really buy all that many books this month, but I did receive a couple that I'm excited for! 

Books Bought/Received: 

The top row is books that I was lucky enough to receive this month and I'm so grateful because they're really exciting books! 
The bottom row is books I bought, I finally caved and got Song of Achilles because everyone on Tumblr keeps banging on about it! 

(Let's ignore the fact my photos have gone all weird and pixelated and pretend they look perfect haha) 


  1. I hope things get better for you in your personal life! Books are one of the best ways to escape and feel at peace, so I understand why you read a lot! Eeek, you got a proof of Truthwitch! It sounds amazing. I hope you enjoy it and I will be looking out for your thoughts! :-D I look forward to your halloween theme next month (even though I keep away from scary reads haha) and your photo challenge!

    1. Thanks lovely! I didn't pick the easiest career!
      It's just nice to read and be somewhere else for a while really!
      I'm so excited for it, I've been anticipating it for ages and I was so excited when I got the proof, it was like Christmas! I'll probably have a very fangirly review up closer to publication!
      Oh don't worry, I don't do scary reads! It'll be classics and YA most likely! The photo challenge is over on my tumblr, but I might post them to Twitter, I can't work out how to post them on here because it'd be a photo a day and it might get annoying!


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