Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Spooktober: Beautiful Halloween Editions

Because who doesn't love a pretty book? And what better way to bring some pretty book options to you than Halloween! These are all a various range of prices from cheap to a bit steep! 

1. Barnes and Noble Leatherbound

B&N's editions are by far the prettiest, let's be honest! I have quite the collection of these but I'm still missing a few, like the rather obvious Frankenstein one! With beaut front covers, and quotes covering the back as you can see above, they're perfect for your own personal library! They're between £20-25 which puts them at the steeper end of the spectrum but......pretty. Seeing as the new Star Wars is out soon...I should mention they've got fancy Star Wars editions....just saying. 

2. Penguin English Library 

The Penguin English Library editions are not only pretty, but they're the cheaper option as well, at the usual cost of a paperback so about £6+ depending on where you buy from! There's (I think) 100 of them, and they have a variety of classics. 

3. Penguin Classics Deluxe

Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions are one of my favourite editions! They're so beaut to look at, and they have pretty inside covers as well! They're about £10+, and there are seriously so many on my wishlist that I need to get! They've got tonnes, and I just like looking at them really! 

There are two more editions that I think should make the list, but as I don't actually own any of the Halloween versions, I don't have any of my own photos to use. SO, please excuse the stock photos! 

4. Penguin Clothbound Classics

The Penguin Clothbound Classics have the same print from the covers of the English Library editions, but ya know....it's an all over print and they're clothbound and even prettier.....sorry Penguin! They're about £15 depending on where you buy and they're a fantastic option for your library! 

5. Word Cloud Classics

Word Cloud Classics are one of my ultimate favourites, because while not as fancy as say, the leatherbounds, but I LOVE the front covers and how they've been done! They're also fancy, and easy to read without damaging because they're flexibound. I don' have any of the Halloween ones, but I do have a couple of the Jane Austen ones! They're about £10+ each which is pretty good for a fancy/pretty book! 

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