Monday, 27 July 2015

You Can Never Have Too Many Books

Hey guys! Doing something a bit different today in a bid to make my blog more interesting and less all about the reviews! 
So here we have a book haul! Perhaps I should have done this as a youtube video, I have been debating doing some vlogs, but being an actor is weird. You see, when I'm actually acting, I'm all about the camera and I don't really care because I'm someone else entirely. But when I'm not acting and I have a camera shoved in my face you wouldn't believe how socially awkward I am and babbly and strange, so perhaps not. Perhaps I should stick to typing! I fear I might be not what everyone is expecting if they where to see me in a video compared to myself on here! We shall see! 

Anyways, as some of my Twitter followers may know, myself and my dad complete an ambitious project a few weeks ago. My excitement for the project was dimmed as we had my Grandfathers funeral smack in the middle and family brings a lot of issues for me. But nevertheless we finished said project. 

I have many books. Many, many books. I had one bookshelf from Ikea that I had to share with DVDs and so my books where stacked on the floor, everywhere. I moved them all so that they where stacked up agains the wall, but the slightest movement and they'd tumble to the floor. The my dad had an idea. An entire wall full of bookshelves. So one day in June, we went to buy the wood, and the very next day we started to create them. Now I have, literally, an entire wall of handmade bookshelves with some littler shelves on my other wall that I reserve for classics and my history books. 

I thought I was pretty genius in my arranging of my shelves, I have two that are TBR you see, and the rest in this particular half are all fancy books. The other half is all the books I have read and they're all arranged in their little groups. Once I had gone through and decided which books I needed to get rid of because I wouldn't read them again.....I noticed gaps. Some gaps can be filled when next books in series are released or more books from the author are finally released. Other gaps need to be filled. 

And thus we come to my book haul because what better excuse to buy more books than gappy shelves. Me being me, I opted to buy pretty books this time round, seeing as you know....giantly huge TBR that keeps getting forgotten about as I keep getting review books to read instead! 

Penguin Drop Caps Classics are completely gorgeous and I've been eyeing them up for a while. Despite the fact that I have 3 editions of Pride and Prejudice could I not get the A in the Drop Caps series!? As for Five Children and It, shockingly I have seen the film but I haven't actually read the book so I will rectify that! 

Penguin English Library are my favourite classics to buy. The spines aren't the prettiest but the covers certainly are. You can have a pretty classic book, that you're not afraid to read. They're also quite a bit cheaper than the fancy yet very pretty editions. I opted for two that I'm missing from my collection. I don't actually have many of these, it's a collection in progress, I haven't actually read The Monk either, and let's pretend I don't already have two editions of Sense and Sensibility shall we? 

The pretending needs to continue for the next book in my haul. This time we're pretending that I don't already have 4 editions of this particular book. Now 5 I suppose. Two of which are just different paperbacks. I may or may not be after a sixth but shhhhhh. The Hobbit is one of my favourite books to be fair and how could I not get the anniversary edition!? 

Last but not least we have a book that I read when I was decidedly younger and enjoyed a ridiculous amount. I seriously was so obsessed with Eragon and dragons at one point. I'm just sad they haven't done the other books in the series like this....all leather-bound and gold and pretty. Seriously, I have such a thing for pretty  books, if it's pretty, I will buy it. I just couldn't not get this version of the book. Which is my excuse for everything. "I couldn't just not get it" which is a pretty flimsy excuse and gets me a lot of eye rolls and everything but everyone should know by now that I have SUCH A WEAKNESS FOR PRETTY BOOKS. 

So yeah. No excuse. I had gappy shelves and I wanted pretty books. Hello pretty books! I've linked to the buy pages via the titles so you can grab them if you fancy them. 

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