Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

Well, this is the first time I've actually been tagged in something like this and I'm excited to be involved! It's all thanks to the lovely Beth over at The Readers Corner, here's her Twitter and Blog.

Now let's talk rules: 

-Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. 
-Put the award logo on your blog
-Answer the ten questions sent to you 
-Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
-Nominate ten blogs (I only did five because I'm running out of people who haven't been tagged!)

Questions to me: 

1. Favourite book ever? 
Okay so we all know I really suck at picking just ONE book, so this one's taken me ages to answer! It sounds pretty generic but Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone because i'm fairly certain it's the first one I actually read myself? I could be wrong, either way, completely obsessed with Harry Potter. 

2. Some of your favourite authors? 
Sarah J Maas, Jennifer L Armentrout, Alyxandra Harvey, Leigh Bardugo, Richelle Mead, C. J. Daugherty, Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, V E Schwab, C C Hunter, Rachel Vincent, Julie Kagawa, Chloe Neill, and Josephine Angelini. This is literally just a few, like my top authors haha. 

3. What do you love about blogging? 
Actually being able to talk about books with people who love books too, but also love the same books I do. I can read a book, do a review, and generally fangirl about it and then have people commenting or tweeting me about reading it too and we can fangirl together. I feel less like that weirdo who prefers to sit and read books to going out on the lash, now that I'm in the blogging community because loving reading isn't so unusual here. Not to mention all the people you meet and get talking to about other things like TV shows and stuff.

4. When did you start blogging?
Uuuhhh 2013 I think? Summer of 2013? I never do blogging birthdays because I always forget. I started back when I was working at Waterstones. 

5. Who are some of your favourite bloggers? 
Rikke @Paperback Castles, Michelle @Fluttering Butterflies, Vicky @Books, Biscuits and Tea, Beth (yes, Beth who tagged me) @Reader's Corner, Kelly @Effortlessly Reading there's more but I'd be here all week listing them all! 

6. What do you love about reading? 
I'm not sure I can exactly put my finger on it. Like when you're having a bad day, a book can pick up your mood and turn it around is one reason. I started reading when I was that bullied kid in school because it was better to read about other peoples lives and adventures than dwell on my own life, and from there I just constantly read all the time, loving going on all these adventures and visiting all these different places and feeling like I was somewhere else for a while. It's all very generic sounding I guess but there ya go.

7. Have you read a book this year that has WOW'd you? 
I've read a couple actually! A Darker Shade of Magic, An Ember in the Ashes, The Girl at Midnight, Red Queen, and The Hunter's Kind to name a few. Each had an original element to it that really blew me away, or I could read in one go because I couldn't put it down. That's what it takes to wow me along with rich world building and so on. 

8. Favourite genres? 
YA, I read a lot of that and I'm well aware I'm 22 and most likely too old but whatever. I can be tempted by Historical but it depends on what it's about. I'm hugely in to Fantasy these days as well! 

9. If you could only take one book on a holiday with you, what would it be and why? 
Oh my Goooddd you've picked questions that are super hard! Do you know how fast I read books? Are we talking a 2 week holiday lazing on a beach or? I'm joking! Uhhh, I think that I would pick one that I've been itching to re-read recently, Throne of Glass. That one reaaaally transports me and I loved every single page, and like I said, I've been meaning to re-read but I don't have the time! 

10. Do you prefer E-Copies or physical copies? 
Physical copies. I don't have anything against ebooks, I just like holding an actual book and having shelves overflowing with books and I can look and see what I have, or browse for what I feel like reading. Books don't break either and as someone who's got a recently fixed one yeah haha. Not to mention the book smell. 

My Ten Questions (This will have taken me ages)
1. Favourite book of 2015 so far? 
2. Hardback or paperback? 
3. Fancy (e.g. leatherbound) editions....for reading or for looking? 
4. Hate? Any favourites? Any you've meant to get round to reading? 
5. Favourite childhood book?
6. Which author are you desperate to meet? 
7. Are you pro or anti library? Why? 
8. What's your biggest #booknerd problem?
9. Which book's world would you like to live in? 
10. Is there a book that you own multiple editions of and if so, why? 
(My questions are random and kind of suck, sorry guys) 

I nominate: 
Michelle- @cloverness

If any of you have already been nominated then my bad, and feel free to nominate someone else! Also if anyone reading this fancies having a go, go for it and link me in the comments! 

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