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Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You.....

Hey guys! 
So, this is a slightly different blog post from me! Normally I'm all reviews all the time, with the occasional Top Ten Tuesday post or cover reveal or whatever, SO, I've been thinking of other blog posts I could do because lately I've been feeling really blah about my blog so if I am, I'm sure you all are too! 
A close friend of mine posted a Tumblr get to know her recently, so I thought....well....that's a good place to start, because I'm fairly certain most of you know nothing about me! I don't know how many people actually read the About Me's and on Twitter I'm always wittering on about nothing in particular so here we go! 
I feel I should mention that I do not actually like the song that the title of this post is from haha 
Feel free to answer the questions yourselves and link me to the post in the comments! (Also feel free to ask me other questions, here, on Twitter or on my Tumblr

1. Name/Nickname: 

2. Where do you live? 
Ha. Well. No-one knows where I live ACTUALLY is, like ever. So I'm from Surrey, but the part of Surrey that's on the edge of London. 

3. Favourite Colour? 
Having evolved from my emo phase of all black all the time, and my brief obsession with black and pink...I'm back to my original favourite colour. Purple. Any shade. 

4. Area of work/study: 
Acting. I'm an actor, I did my study at Met Film School which is based at Ealing Studios (they where totally filming Downton when I was there) specifically in acting for film. I'm what you could call a "struggling actor". Trying to get in to this business is hard and I have many woes. At the minute I'm doing odd jobs here and there while I'm trying to get an agent, and I'm doing extra's work to tide me over. You will totally be able to spot me in the new Guitar Hero game ;) I've also been toying with going to Birkbeck to study History and Archaeology but with new government.....*tries not to swear* *tries to think of appropriate word* changes....maybe not. 

5. Age: 
22, but I'm at the stage in life where I'd rather be at home with a book and a cup of green tea than getting sweated on my lechs in a club. 

6. Music Genre: 
I love music, and I like pretty much anything except for folk and blues and so on. But mostly I'm a rock/pop punk/alternative kind of person. I used to go to gigs and festivals a hell of a lot, back in 2012 I did every festival, I think, except Sonisphere because it got cancelled. I used to travel with friends to shows in like, Manchester and stuff because we had friends in a band. But yes, definitely landing more towards Rock etc. (currently i'm obsessed with Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab...go forth and listen!) (Also Green Day is my fave, like secret set at reading, hearing Billy woah-ing, chucking everything in the tent and sprinting through purple and yellow with hair scraped back, half my makeup done kinda fave) 

7. Movie Genre: 
Again, I'll watch most things, although I can't watch really bad films with really bad acting, because once you study acting it's actually painful to watch bad acting. I love Disney films, Superhero films, Marvel mostly. I like the Christian Bale Batmans and I'm not too jazzed about the new Superman and Batman. I freaking LOVE 80's films. I could be here all day listing all the films I love. (Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings and The Mummy are my top three favourites I can quote all of them like it's my job.) 

8. Book Genre: 
I read pretty much everything, what I read and when depends on my mood. At the moment I'm really in the mood for fantasy books. I always read YA, fantasy and historical both fiction and non fiction. Those are my main four and the ones I enjoy reading and have the most of. There are a couple of contemporaries that I've enjoyed but it depends on the book. 

9. Personality: 
I used to be really, really shy, but leaving school and bullying behind and acting has upped my confidence. That said, I am still quite shy sometimes, and I'm usually quite quiet until I get to know someone, then it's all talk all the time. I do love a good natter, can't you tell from my overly long answers? Anyway, it really depends on my mood, sometimes I'm more confident than other times. Acting wise, I have to make myself confident even if I'm not feeling it. In general, like I said, depends on the mood. I do like meeting new people though :) 

10. Piercings and Tattoos? 
I have many. My ears are pierced 3 times on each side, I used to be obsessed with Buffy so there you go. I have cartilage and tragus as well as my belly button and cartilage hurt the most. I used to have my nose pierced but I took it out, kinda miss it though. I have one tattoo on my wrist, which was my first, a bird behind my ear, drama masks on my upper left thigh and a Russian doll on my upper right. The thigh ones took a total of 3 and a half hours and was all pain :') 

11. Ideal place to live: 
I'm not just saying this as an actor, okay I kind of am a little bit, but I would LOVE to live in LA. My friend and I were actually looking at houses over there, joking about winning the lottery. Did you know you can buy a seven bedroom house on the beach for £750000? Like...the houses over there are so much cheaper. I'm also kind of obsessed with Vancouver as well. So either. 

12. 5 places you'd like to visit: 
Egypt. Every time. Ancient Egypt is the part of history I'm the most obsessed with, so I'd want to look at each and every ruin there is. Italy, I've always fancied Italy really, not sure what area, probably Venice. Athens, I'm so desperate to go and have a look at all the history there! China, I used to have an obsession with everything Chinese when I was younger, art, history and so on. Again, I want to see all the historical stuff I can get to! Barcelona, I just really want to see all the art stuff. I never want to go anywhere to relax haha! 

13. 5 Random facts about you: 
- I hate the smell of plane food. It really makes me gag and feel so grim, I have no idea why. 
-I was a performing arts brat. Ballet, tap, jazz, singing the works. When I was however old I was in 2002, my dance teacher was BFF's with Bonnie Langford and we teamed up with her dance lot to be chorus girls in the Woking and Wimbledon run of Joseph. Bonnie scared everyone so much we were afraid to breathe unless it was a blackout, and the dude who played Joseph in Woking spotted me sitting front row, still in costume from the matinee performance and was waving at me as the curtain went down, like bending down to continue waving and I got so embarrassed haha 
-I've had purple in my hair and red in my hair and my hair is not naturally black haha 
- I can't drive, I never saw the point seeing as I can get the train or bus everywhere easily. 
- Uuuhhh....struggling now! My birthday is the 16th of March. BOOM. 

14. TV Shows: 
I have an extensive list of things I watch, right down to Hollyoaks because I'm strangely obsessed with it! I love Once Upon A Time, whenever I have a bad day, an episode of that usually cheers me right up! Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Game of Thrones, Musketeers, (I used to love Merlin and Primeval), Supernatural although it's beginning to bore me a little bit, Grey's Anatomy although I'm reaching the end of my interest with it, I literally watch loads and I'm struggling to remember them all under pressure! 

Time for some this or thats! 

14. Star Wars or Star Trek? 
Star Wars, that shouldn't even be a question! 

15. Kindle or Paperback? 
While my Kindle (when it works) is very useful and ideal for taking on holiday, I still much prefer paperbacks. Like if I really love a book...I'll buy the actual copy. It depends on how much I like a book, if it's a series and so on. Also I'm obsessed with pretty books! 

16. Play or a Musical? 
I should probably say play but musical. 

17. Night out or evening in? 
Evening in more often than not. I don't enjoy clubs anymore, although I am partial to the pub. 

18. Summer or Winter? 
Uuuuhhh damn I hate things about both. Uh. Winter. 

Thanks for reading guys! 
Like I said, feel free to answer these yourself and comment me the link or to ask me more questions. These where kind of random to be honest and have no rhyme or reason to them! 

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