Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday Meme Day!

Okay, so this is incredibly late. Apologies. My neighbours kept me awake until 5am and as much as I tried to force myself awake after like 4 hours sleep, it wasn't happening, so I ended up sleeping in until like 12 and then I had other bits and pieces to do and yeah. 
So, I haven't done any Friday Meme's before, but I'm trying to break up the reviews, particularly as it's all kindle books left and it's a backlog and it can be boring. 
I've found a couple of really interesting Memes and seeing as they're kind of small, which is cool! I thought I'd do them all on one post! So here we go! 

My Book Beginning

"A tiny bead of blood bloomed where the knifepoint pressed against the tip of her finger.

She held it over the rim of a glass vial and watched as the droplet fell, turning the liquid in the bottom from pink to a dark, inky blue." 
The Potion Diaries by Amy Alward 

Okay so I should probably point out that there's two smaller sentences and then boom that's it, the entire first chapter! Which I actually think is a brilliant way to start a book, I mean a small chapter with an opening sentence (or two) like that instantly hooks you in and has you interested in what's going on and what's going to happen next. I'm currently reading this book in order to review it for Maximum Pop and everything so I'll definitely be mentioning that! 

So, (I really need to stop starting so many sentences with so) this weeks question iiiissss.....

Do you listen to audio books? 

I can't say that I do to be honest, in fact I don't think that I ever have. I don't really know why either! I suppose I'm not really very good at just sitting and doing nothing while I listen and if I were occupied while trying to listen I'd not be paying attention! I prefer to hold a book and be completely focused and occupied on it. That made no sense but there we go. I also don't really understand how people can listen to audio books while they work out, I mean, I wish I could but it has to be music for me, I did try to watch Netflix while doing a workout once. My bruise from lack of attention was quite spectacular. Perhaps I should give an audio book a go! 

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  1. Wonder who is going to drink that liquid? :)

    ENJOY the book.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings

    As for audio, not my favorite choice for reading a book, but have listened at times.

    My Blog Hop Answer


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