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Review: The Unbelievable Gwenpool

The Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol 3: Totally In Continuity 
Rating: 5/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy!
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Gwen Poole continues to make friends and influence people across the Marvel Universe! But what will some of Marvel's greatest heroes make of Gwen and her bizarre perspective on the world they live in? Whatever happens, it'll be Unbelievable!

So, I see this has some mixed reviews over on GoodReads, but I'm really enjoying this series! The art is bold, bright, colourful and well drawn. The writing is freaking hilarious. This series is just so laugh out loud hilarious, and entertaining right from the first page. It's genuinely hilarious and never fails to crack me up and make me chuckle. 

In this volume, Gwen gets her Buffy on as she faces off against a Vampire to save some sassy Skeletons and a Necromancer. Then she's thrown in to a fantasy game setting and RPG references and jokes abound as she teams up with some familiar faces to fight her way out. It gets all SAO/Elder Scrolls, I'm not going to lie. Just without the virtual reality of SAO. Then we get some The Hobbit vibes as Gwen has to take down a ring of Dwarves up to no good after busting out of prison. 

There's some brilliant cameo's in this volume for you guys to look forward to! Not just characters we've seen in the series before, but Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Ghost Rider and....the character we've all been waiting for. Yep. We finally get that face off, I was a bit worried about said character at the beginning, he looked like he was trying to cosplay Robin Hood very badly, and was getting way to in to his role as 'The Unkillable Beast", the description of this, when paired with the knowledge that it's this specific character...completely slayed me. 

There's also some nice little Easter Eggs as well as cameo's throughout this volume, for instance, you might want to have a close look at Big Ronnie's shelves.... 

Gwenpool is fast becoming one of my favourites, she's snarktacular and's brilliant! She breaks the fourth wall perfectly, and throws out references left, right and centre that you can understand and relate to. Like she's probably all of us when put in her position, let's be real. I actually find her to be fairly relatable because of her nerdy knowledge. 

The story is moving in an interesting direction if the cliffhanger ending is anything to go by and things might be able to take a turn for the serious...sort of. It probably won't get too serious let's be honest but you'll see what I mean if you read the volume! 

The Christmas Special is also included in this volume and Christmas is all wrong, to the extent that we have some greats like "I Saw Spidey Kissing Galactus" which I found hilarious, Pantsgiving I was a bit eeeeehhh about and Red Skull going all A Christmas Carol gave me pause too. Like it was wacky but I wasn't entirely in to it, I'm not going to lie! Still, it was nice of them to include it, right?! 

If you haven't checked out Gwenpool yet you're missing out on a hilariously wild ride, populated with familiar faces and the guest stars as it where, don't take away from Gwen or her story, the plot still focuses on Gwen which is nice to see! 

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