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Manga: The Royal Tutor 3

The Royal Tutor Vol 3
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Sometimes kind, sometimes strict, Heine is prepared to employ any means necessary to draw forth his princeling students' potential. But seriously, what's a royal tutor got to do to enjoy a simple, quiet day off?? With royal engagements, reluctant readers, and secret lives seemingly everywhere he turns, Heine may need to up his game if this kingdom is to have any hope for the future at all!

My favourite prince is on the cover, and I couldn't be more stoked about it! Favourite series...favourite character, a match made in heaven! I partially knew what to expect from this volume because I watched the anime, but we're really starting to get more and more content that wasn't included in the anime, which is what I'm excited to see! 

As we start the volume, pretty much all of it is new material we haven't seen before except for the last couple of chapters. We get to meet a new character, Bellatrix, she's the Prince's cousin and she's freaking awesome! She doesn't really do dresses, and she was so damn relatable I was rooting for her! In the anime we focused on the Prince's and their relationships with Heine, but in the manga it looks like we're going deeper in to the Prince's characters and their relationships with other people, as Bellatrix is Kai's betrothed. 

I was a bit skeptical at first but by the end of the chapter I was shipping it so hard it's not even funny. Bellatrix just cracked me up, describing the Prince's when they where younger, poor old Leonhard being called the 'little half-wit'. Bellatrix and her relationship with Kai adds a smidge of romance, but it's not heavy at all. The situation Bellatrix is in was oddly relatable as you could empathise with her feelings and insecurities. I'm really hoping we get to see more of her! I'm intrigued to see her interact with Kai a bit more. I can't decide if he's as oblivious as he appears. 

We get to see some more of Adele in this volume too, and there where some really sweet scenes with her and her brothers! It's nice to see them interact with their younger sister. They stop their bickering for five minutes. The whole situation really did have me chuckling away though, amid wanting to smack Bruno and Leonhard. 

Towards the end of the volume we stray in to familiar territory, as we hit the cafe arc that we saw in the anime. It's largely the same as the anime from what I remember, but there's some deeper insight in to both Licht and the King that's not present in the anime. I really felt for Licht, I got where he was coming from, and we just saw more of how he felt about everything than the anime. 

Volume 3 is packed with new scenes that show the Prince's in a different light and help us get to know them more. With each new volume we're getting more and more scenes and they're providing more and more insight, and the Prince's are still growing and changing. If you watched the anime the Prince's developed quite a lot but the manga makes it clear they still have a way to go! The shady Count makes his appearance too so you know things are about to go downhill fast! 

This is genuinely one of my favourite manga series, it's just so much fun! There's humour and heart to it, and as we get more volumes with new content, you get more and more excited! Like...I'm excited anyway, but I also know what's coming a little bit, so I look forward to being surprised by the new content...if that makes sense! 

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