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Manga: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Vol 1

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Vol 1
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

As players of Monster Hunter and Dungeons & Dragons know, the slime is not exactly the king of the fantasy monsters. So when a 37-year-old Tokyo salaryman dies and wakes up in a world of dragons and magic, he's a little disappointed to find he's become a blind, boneless slime monster. 
Mikami's middle age hasn't gone as he planned: He never found a girlfriend, he got stuck in a dead-end job, and he was abruptly stabbed to death in the street at 37. So when he wakes up in a new world straight out of a fantasy RPG, he's disappointed but not exactly surprised to find that he's not a knight or a wizard but a blind slime demon. But there are chances for even a slime to become a hero...

As the synopsis says, the slime isn't exactly the most badass monster, so despite this being yet another reincarnated in another world manga...I was curious by this potentially interesting twist. I was hoping it would make this stand out from the sea of similar novels, and I really do think it does. There are so many similar books recently, someone gets reincarnated in another world, they end up being a hero or a badass or something...but our main character is a slime and that's both hilarious and kind of awesome because it's so different. 

There's a brilliant scene near to the beginning when he's just reincarnated, and his senses are unfolding and it was so fantastically well done! Incredibly well translated from the novel to the manga and from that point I was thinking...okay...this is going to be good. 

TTIGRAAS is genuinely hilarious right from the start, I'm not going to lie. It cracked me up and made this read so much fun. Our main character, Rimuru's, narrative voice, was freaking hilarious. He was so relatable. He kept relating things to our world and things that you as a reader understand it was so brilliant. His observations and references where just so on point and he called things perfectly more than once. He was so calculating too! I'm actually excited to see him develop as a character and become the most badass slime to ever slime! 

Aside from Rimuru there's a lot of other brilliant characters, Veldora is my other favourite. I'm kinda sad we didn't get to see more of him he was equally as hilarious and I actually felt kinda bad for him, poor lonely dragon! There's a brilliant section at the end, "Veldora's Slime Observation Journal", that's equally as hilarious as the manga itself. It also totally has a Heroic Legend of Arslan reference, and you guys KNOW how much I love Arslan, I definitely squealed and got overly excited because not only is Veldora casually reading manga but he's reading ARSLAN SENKI. He has good taste. 

The art is brilliant, the story has a nice pace, there's originality to it and there's lots of intriguing plot threads combing to make an enjoyable and fun plot. The story builds up as you read bringing more and more in, learning more and more about the world and I quickly became engrossed in it and found myself really enjoying myself! I'm so intrigued to see where this is going to go, as the art pages at the beginning provided us a glimpse and I can't wait to see how we get there! 

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