Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Manga: Today's Cerberus Volume 5

Today's Cerberus Vol 5
Rating: 4/5
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An overheard confession sends Kuro into a meltdown! Literally! In the aftermath, it seems that her various personalities have all been expelled into the real world, but can the three-headed Cerberus survive as three distinct individuals?!?

So, last volume there was a little confession that you guys may or may not remember and in this volume we see the repercussions of it. Chiaki has to deal with it as well as his own feelings and when Kuro overhears, she has to deal with her feelings. We also fiiinally get to find out why she's been kept separate from the other heads! 

I feel like the romance steps up a bit with this volume with the whole Chiaki and Komone thing, but I'm not going to lie...I kinda ship Chiaki and Kuro, especially after his little rush to rescue her. So cute. I actually felt really bad for Kuro this volume, we get a lot of her and get to know her a lot better. I found her really relatable and I actually got a wee bit annoyed at Komone because of it. Kuro's just so innocent and not as jaded as the others. 

There's a shocking new development because of all of this, that should prove to be interesting and help us get to know Kuro, Roze and Shirogani better in the coming chapters! I'm actually excited to see if it'll be resolved and if so how, and for everything that's going to happen to it! Not to mention the whole Haruna thing. He's a new character and he is shady as f****. Seriously. So shady and totally up to no good! 

Volume Five really steps things up with the romance, but mostly with the characters as we delve deeper in to some, while others come to terms with their problems and how to overcome them. I feel like the story is really about to start now after said previously mentioned development!  

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