Friday, 1 September 2017

Light Novel: Goblin Slayer Vol 3

Goblin Slayer Vol 3
Rating: 3/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

It's fall, and the village's harvest festival is under way. The adventurers spend the time in their own ways: Priestess busy with her duties at the temple, High Elf Archer pouting over a certain turn of events, and Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest helping with festival preparations. Goblin Slayer also spends the days without incident, but what is lurking behind the dwindling requests to exterminate goblins, his three visitors, and the upcoming festival?

Okay guys, we're slowing down a bit for this volume. Volume three has us meandering through the daily life of our characters, checking out some romance, checking out a's the calm before the storm. Most of this volume is quite quiet, there's not much action for the majority of the book and I didn't feel like the mystery element in this volume was as pronounced as the others. 

Like I said, we do a couple of loops around the fair, see some romance developing between a couple of characters and our dear Goblin Slayer has two potential relationships. Towards the end of the volume everything comes together as the tension rises and there was an epic battle scene! I wasn't sure how I felt having such a quiet volume, but the build up towards the end was fantastic, right before it explodes in to action! 

Goblin Slayer is becoming more hilarious to me with each volume. He's so obtuse and oblivious, and so focused on his goal he doesn't really see anything else. It makes for an interesting romantic situation in this volume in particular and I was face palming at him more than once. I mean...he ends up going on two dates with two different girls and not realising quite what was happening, I'm fairly sure. If something he said was anything to go on. 

The interludes provided some intrigue featuring a famous Sword Maiden in trouble, before swiftly getting more and more creepy, and then morphing in to being interesting again. There's a great link to the previous volume, and the Priestess is really starting to come in to her own! I'm loving her more and more and rooting for her to become a complete badass! I'd love to see more of High Elf Archer too, she's the source of most of the humour in the volumes for me! 

Goblin Slayer vol 3 gives us a calmer journey, as our heroes take a break to enjoy a fair, there's some romance in the air that most likely won't end well, and there's mysterious goings on in the Interludes. I did find this a bit slow in places, but the plot threads came together to break the calm as we exploded in to action and our group had quite the epic battle. We got to see more of Priestess this volume as she grows more and more as a character and GOBLIN SLAYER TOOK HIS HELMET OFF. Yep. You read that right. We even get an illustration, not that it showed his face! But still.


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