Friday, 15 January 2016

Book Talk: Dead Of Winter

Hey guys! 
I'm back with another book talk, although most of this will be ragey OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THE AUTHOR DID THAT! 

The Arcana Chronicles was a book that I discovered at the library, I got the first one, read it, loved it...then the second one came out and I immediately grabbed it from the library and re-read the first one before reading the second. Then I went out and bought my own copies because I freaking loved the books. Original, funny, perfect romance, action and more, there was so much to love. 

I've been waiting with baited breath for the third book, I mean Cole knows how to leave a book on a frickin cliffhanger and leave you desperate for the next book!
I don't know why I thought it was a trilogy so I thought Dead of Winter was the FINAL book and as I started reading I was like...this can't be the final..there's too I went to GoodReads. Turns out two more books have been added. I'm even more like OMG because there's so much to this story that still needs to be told and I'm thinking about the other two books and the cliffhangers to come kinda excited but also full of dread. 

The first thing I need to say is omg the covers! I like things to match, like it drives me up the wall that the first three Mortal Instruments books I have are a small, regular paperback whereas the others are bigger paperbacks if you know what I mean? My Vampire Academy books...I had like three or four different covers until I chucked them and bought the new covers. So I'm thinking, okay, it's the final book in a trilogy and they got new covers....that makes no sense but okay. NOW I know there's two more books which means I'm gonna have to get book one and two in the new covers, I can't even. WHY COVER CHANGE WHY!? 

I wanted to re-read the first two but I didn't have time and I'm kinda sad about it because I really have the burning urge to re-read the other books. It didn't really matter because it was easy to slop back in to the world of the book and everything came flooding back, I mean the ending on the second book!? As I was reading and getting more and more engrossed it just all came flooding back how much I loved the first two books. 

Jacks back, he wasn't in the second book much because it was all about Death, mostly. The second book presented me a conundrum. I couldn't choose between Death and Jack. Like usually I can pick a team, but it was really hard and then in this one things are resolved and you get Jack's side but I STILL COULDN'T DECIDE. Like I kept switching as I read and things kept happening so I don't know how the hell Evie chose to be honest. 
It was freaking intense. 

So I'm merrily reading, feeling all the feels, loving it getting closer and closer to the end like okay...this is fine, maybe no cliffhanger. I was wrong. There was a cliffhanger. I cannot even with it, I'm still not calm. I threw this freaking book so freaking hard (on to my bed so I wouldn't damage it) and screamed "NOOOOO" Luke Skywalker style. WHO ENDS A BOOK LIKE THAT?! WHO!? Hell no. HELL TO THE FREAKING NO. Not today Satan, I'm pretending that never happened. Nope. Not at all. I don't even know when the next book is out and I can't even with the wait after that ending, that was like some cruel and unusual punishment! I WILL NEVER BE OVER THIS!  

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