Thursday, 7 January 2016

Pretty Book Showcase: Puffin Pixels

So, I own a lot of pretty books and I know we all like to look at pretty books! That and when you're looking at them on Book Depository or whatever, you can only see the cover, you can't really see what the rest of it looks like and sometimes you just wanna have a good look before you buy! 
I recently stumbled across, and treated myself to, some incredibly original and fun books from Puffin! I'm a bit of a gamer geek, so it's not surprising I lost my mind when I saw these! I present to you, for your enjoyment.....the Puffin Pixels Classics! 

There are currently four available, as you can see from above! With another four being released in 2016! 
Tales of Ancient Egypt and The Swiss Family Robinson are coming in January, with Frankenstein and Dracula following in August! They're just as fantastic as the four I already have and dare I say...kinda cute! 

Treasure Island

actually thought I could say to you guys that this is my first edition of Treasure Island, but I looked at my shelves again and's not. This is my second, which is a lot less than some other books, I have to say! I just love the map with the "World One" bit and so on! 

Robin Hood

I can proudly say that THIS is my very first edition of this book, if only I'd had an arrow or two to use for the photo! I haven't read this particular book in ages, not since I was a child, I had a quick skim through this and ugh, perfect! 

Tales of the Greek Heroes

Come on guys....are you really surprised that I couldn't resist getting the Greek Heroes one? You know how obsessed I am with Greek History as well as Ancient Egypt. The thing I love about these editions is the maps as well as the covers, so nostalgic guys, so nostalgic! 

King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table

Again, you're probably not all that surprised! Love me some King Arthur legends! I do have a fair few editions of various different Arthur books, not gonna lie! 

Genuinely these are kind of perfect! The nostalgic covers, the maps inside, there's quotes on the back. They're even kinda cute, dare I say it! It's also an interesting selection, the four pictured above, plus the upcoming Tales of Ancient Egypt, Swiss Family Robinson, Dracula and Frankenstein. Most of these you don't always see released when publishers do fancy editions, so I was surprised to see Treasure Island, Robin Hood, Arthur and Swiss Family Robinson on the list! 

I have a feeling a fair few of you who follow me are equally as nerdy as me and are going to LOVE these and need them as much as I needed them when I completely ignored my book buying ban and hit order! 

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