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Maximum Ride: Forever

Maximum Ride: Forever
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher!

The world has been destroyed, what's left is unrecognisable. With their new home unsafe, the flock is divided as visions and arguments and the aftermath of events pull them in different directions. The flock is split while they all search for answers. That will be and is their downfall. Max is alone. Things happen to her that shouldn't happen to anyone. Each flock member is being hunted. Loved ones are lost, found and lost again. But everything has to come to an end, and when in take out the crazy terrorist guy who destroyed the world and is trying to kill you.

I can't even right now. I really can't. I started this series when I was in school and now it's really finished. For some reason I thought Nevermore was the final book and then it turns out this one is and I can't even, I'm feeling so many feels right now and it was really the perfect ending ever. I'm just sad the series is over to be honest, it's been such a fantastic series to read and ugh. So many feels.

This book hooks you from the first page, and it's action packed and fast paced right from the start. We get multi POV's, which is perfectly done, adding to the tension and the mystery and the general "OMG"ness. The narrative was mainly from Max's point of view, and her narrative continues to be engaging and entertaining with an amusing inner monologue that has you chuckling. I've really missed Max and the flock guys!
Each other POV has a distinctive voice, and each adds something to the story, making it dimensional and complex and multi layered, while switching between them smoothly and with perfectly pitched timing.

The setting was vivid, atmospheric and cinematic. You could practically feel the ash choking you and smell the rather....unpleasant...smells. It was quite scary when you consider all the things going on in the world that could lead to a similar thing in the present day. This well crafted setting is part of what sucks you in to the story, and it blocks out the real world. 

Fang and Max....the first ship I ever shipped. These two caused me some major feels this book, and I still love their relationship and how natural it is, and it doesn't half make you go "awww", and this book you saw it naturally progress even more, and while the circumstances where extreme, it seemed natural and the logical next step, as well as the happy ending to a horrible chain of events.

I still got annoyed at Angel once or twice, I haven't liked her much for a couple of books now because ever since the first book I've been firmly on Max's side, and Team Max. But this book, I kind of started to understand Angel a bit more and how things have affected her.

This book was such an emotional journey for me as a reader who's been with this series for so long, yet everything is tied up, everything makes sense, everything fit and everything is resolved, it was a truly perfect ending to a well loved series.

The plot had so many twists and turns and at points it was truly heartbreaking with shocking moments when you had to pause, because you can't believe you read that and it can't really have happened because the author wouldn't really do that to your beloved characters, and then something else would happen and you'd be all happy and then something ELSE would happen and you'd be devastated again. Old characters resurfaced and brought even more feels! 
You could feel the suspense oozing off the page, feel the blood drain from your face whenever something horrible happened to the characters. The plot was a mystery you try to work out, but I was glad I couldn't to be honest, because it meant I was surprised until the end, and when everything clicked in to place you where kicking yourself for not working it out earlier. I couldn't have come up with anything even like what actually happened.

Maximum Ride: Forever was the perfect ending to a fantastic series. Full of action, adventure, and heart stopping fight scenes, it was the perfect continuation. With everything you loved from the other books, all the characters you loved are back and you get one last deeper insight in to them. Forever was beautifully written and as heartbreaking as it was heartwarming. I'm really going to miss having new instalments of this series!

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