Thursday, 31 January 2019

Manga: Aoharu X Machinegun 13

Aoharu X Machinegun Vol 13 
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Star White, five-time champions of the TGC, hit the battlefield for their first match! Even though the odds heavily favor the enemy, Midori shows off his unbelievable skills to turn the tables! Meanwhile, as Toy*Gun Gun's second match approaches, Midori's and Mattsun's reliance on their old guns eats at Yukimura, who fears the two might go back to being a team like they once were. And his fears, unfounded or otherwise, spell disaster for Toy*Gun Gun... 

The time has finally arrived for Star White's battle, thus there is plenty of action as we go in to the volume that carries on throughout. We also get in to the lore/history/whatever you want to call it, of the TGC battles a little bit. Interestingly, thanks to Star White's battle we get a bit of a change from all the guns as we have a battle of guns VS knives, although Midori does prove to be quite versatile if not a bit.....ragey. This volume does well to keep things fresh and stop the battles from getting boring as we get some new and different terrains and kinds of battle. 

Poor old Yukimura has it a bit rough this volume after someone messes with his head. He starts to obsess about why Midori is still using the guns he bought with Matsuoka, along with Matsuoka using the guns he bought with Midori. Considering Matsuoka is basically his only friend, I did really feel for Yukimura and I got where he was coming from, even if I wanted to shout at him to focus. Especially as, thanks to an unexpected twist, he and Tachibana were in the spotlight. 

Oddly enough, I ended up slightly rooting for 11 Dogs as we got to know them a lot better via flashback! The majority of the volume had me tense and on the edge of my seat right up until the end because I am well aware that there's no guarantee Toy Gun Gun will actually win, and I so badly wanted them to win this one but...things kept happening! 

While the first two battles may be over in this volume, we've still got the unresolved issue of Matsuoka...and who our winning teams will be facing next. I feel like the action is plentiful this volume, but the plot and background steps up too! More than just the fighting and the TGC, you feel for the teams as you get to know each one. 

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