Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Manga: Again!! 6

Again!! Vol 6
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The ouendan's members have taken their performance to a new level in support of their baseball team, and now it's up to Suzuki, the team's feckless ace pitcher, to seal the deal. One problem: Suzuki may have a golden arm, but he doesn't have nerves to match. When he hears that his crush, Reo, was spotted kissing Kinichiro, the guy he owes his comeback to, he's terminally rattled. It'll be up to Kinichiro to rescue Suzuki's crumbling will to fight... 

Honestly, this volume had me cheering because they all worked together so well and the cheer was a success and it was so satisfying okay!? I just feel like it was so brilliantly done, and we have history changed....again. 

However....Imamura gets a confession and I could tell straight away from her request that it was going to screw everything up and Imamura....*sigh* he just digs himself a hole doesn't he?! While it does mess with some things wasn't what I was expecting it to be...or rather it didn't play out quite how I was expecting it to. 

The baseball game really does make for some tense reading, waiting to see if things will change...if they'll win, if they can climb back from the score. I also liked that it gave way to a kind of heart warming scene as we see the Captain and Imamura step up for Suzuki and the Ouendan work with the cheerleaders and brass band to plot how to get each of their players to do their best. You could really see the theme of friendship and teamwork. 

Fujieda is literally the worst at keeping their secret though, I mean she's right that there's no rule saying they can't tell people but still. 

I am interested to see how things are going to play out now with Imamura, the Captain and Suzuki now that things have changed. Honestly the volume's pretty tense and it does go down to the wire, but my curiosity lies with what's going to happen after?! Things have changed...but have they changed enough? Plus we have Imamura, he's developing a lot as a character and changing, but there's some interesting stuff he'll have to deal with. Then there's Hiro...what is the deal with him?! 

All in all, I feel like this volume really hooks you, shows how Imamura has been changing as a character, and does brilliantly at keeping you on the edge of your seat! 

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