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Manga: Akame Ga Kill Zero 6

Akame Ga Kill Zero Vol 6
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Though their comrades deal a blow to the Oarburgh Clan, Akame, Kurome, and Natala remain at the mercy of Madam Mera, leader of the Oarburgh assassins. While she has no sympathy to spare for Natala--or any man, for that matter--she offers her female captives a chance to learn the truth. Recognizing Akame's doubts, Mera takes her around the Empire to see the suffering of its people firsthand, but will Akame be willing to open her eyes...? 

There's action from the start as we pick up where the last volume ended, but who's going to die this time? It being an Akame volume, I know probably everyone will...that and you know...I've read Akame Ga Kill! 

Baby Esdeath makes an appearance and I can't even with that glimpse of her! It was interesting to get a little bit more of her life story, and it was a nice touch overall as I'm forever curious about her. Surprisingly, Mera is the source of Akame's doubt this volume, regarding the Empire as she fills in Akame and Kurome as to what it's really like and what's really going on. I didn't see that coming. Like I know Chelsea is on her team so she can't be that bad or the bad guy or whatever but she's still pretty shady and has a villain vibe going on! 

Mera opens Akame's eyes, or tries to and we finally get to see what the turning point was for Akame...or the start of the turning point was anyway. She sees what the Empire has done to her sister as well as to the people and her thoughts wrestle with it all. We ultimately know what she'll choose but it's been interesting to see Akame's life before the original series, and how dedicated she was and her mindset throughout the whole thing and the struggle she went through. It's also been interesting to see the dark side of the Empire more. 

We get some nice character development too, or get to see more of how she came to develop in to the Akame we know as she's told to be calmer and so on. But we know what she ultimately ends up doing. Blanks are being filled in more and more and you're starting to get a fuller picture! There's some familiar Rakshasas faces too! 

I'm kind of oddly intrigued by Mera, she seems to be about to become Akames teacher/mentor, making her a better and stronger assassin but she's so creepy. This volume is definitely the turning point in the series, as Akames doubts grow and she sees evidence and so on and scratches beneath the surface, whether willingly or not. No-one dies in this volume shockingly enough, but we all know what happens to everyone so it's just a matter of time, and I can't decide if that's better or worse than not knowing. Like in the main series I'm always on edge and worried who they'll kill if anyone. In this one I'm tense waiting to see when the characters die. 

I'm intrigued to see how everything with Akame is going to play out in the next volume. Is she going to rebel straight away? Or is she going to go through with the escape and then switch sides later after something else happens...I can't tell! 

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