Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Graphic Novel: I Am Groot

I Am Groot
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Groot is back - smaller and better than ever! When the Guardians of the Galaxy get caught in a wormhole, a pint-sized Groot finds himself out on his own, billions of light-years away from his team, on an entirely alien and unknown world full of strange creatures and societies. Seriously underdeveloped and with nobody who can understand him, Groot will need to make the journey to the center of this world if he is to find the way back to his family! 

It's no secret that Groot is one of my favourite characters from Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians is one of my favourite series! So I've been super stoked for a series that's aaaaallll about Groot as well as curious as to how it would be done! 

I loved the art and the art style. It was beautifully drawn and nice and colourful, and the colour scheme fit the series nicely.....plus Groot is so freaking cute! 

Baby Groot is is enjoying his childhood according to himself, which means he's low-key misbehaving. He pulls the crew through a mysterious portal and ends up getting left behind and has to fend for himself on a strange new planet. There's a nice, shady Administrator in charge of everything and determined to stop Groot from returning back to where he came from and you know...generally up to no good! The whole planet has a sense of wrongness that translates from the page and the images. 

Groot gets himself a new oddball crew, Diplatessa, Dhamsus and Buddy! They where such an interesting group and I was curious about each of them! They fit with Groot well and I enjoyed the interactions between them all, they provided for a nice amount of comedy. A couple of the characters had to translate for Groot, obviously, but the volume went along quite well despite Groot not being able to say anything but "I am Groot". 

I Am Groot is fast paced, entertaining and humorous. Groot as the main character has certainly been a lot of fun and a wild ride! I'm really hoping there will be more! We get to see another, kind of creepy planet, and there's some little easter eggs thrown in for you to spot! We also get to see some fun interaction between Groot and Rocket and some more of the friendship between the two! 

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