Friday, 26 January 2018

Manga: Akame Ga Kill! 13

Akame Ga Kill! Vol 13
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

As the final battle approaches, Imperial and rebel forces take steps to wipe out their deadliest enemies in advance in hopes of minimizing losses on the battlefield. Among the rebel's targets is Kurome, whose allegiance has still not wavered. Akame is resolved to give her beloved sister one last chance to turn from the wickedness of the Empire--if she refuses, she will Rest in Pieces!

This is quite the chunky volume, in fact I think it's the chunkiest one yet! It's for good reason too as this volume seems to be focusing on wrapping a couple of plot threads up before we head on in to the final battle. It's kind of like a pregame warmup! 

Tatsumi isn't looking so good at the start of the volume, and we're off the beaten path when it comes to what we know from the anime. Akame herself is off with a kill list to work her way through that ends in a confrontation with Wave. Wave himself is dealing with the fact that he's caught feelings and will do anything to prevent the face off between Akame and Kurome that finally comes about in this volume. 

There's plenty of action and the usual epic battle scenes with plenty of blood and gore. It was inevitable with this series, that things would be bloody, especially considering the big confrontation we're heading towards with Akame and Kurome. Who are more than a little bloodthirsty as we know! 

The tension is high, and we speed through the volume towards an equally speedy battle, the pace is brilliant for such a chunky volume! It was nice to have the volume end on an oddly heartwarming note though, considering things are going to get bloody and heartbreaking next volume when the final battle commences. This volume is like a nice little chance to breath before the inevitable blood and destruction of the next volume, relish it while you can! 


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