Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Manga: SAO Girls Ops 4

Sword Art Online Girls Ops 4
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Lux's dark past with SAO 's Laughing Coffin guild has been revealed-along with the bad blood she shares with Gwen, leader of the Batty Bats. When the girls are sent on a quest to eliminate Gwen, will Lux be able to follow through and betray her former friend yet again...?

The time has come to deal with Gwen, finally! I have to say I really don't like her but by the end of this volume, I felt for her a little bit, I was softening towards her. I feel like she'll be a fun addition to our group and I'm hoping she'll be involved in coming adventures! 

The art is so cute, and it captures the characters we all know and love incredibly well. There's lots of action in this volume too, and I do love an action packed SAO volume, because the action sequences are always drawn brilliantly! 

We get a glimpse of Kirito too, it would be rude not to really wouldn't it!? ;) 

Kirito and Sinon get to have their badass hero moment, because SAO. It's probably the most we've seen of Kirito in this side series, it's actually one of the best side series I've read to be honest. The pace is fast, the art actually looks like the characters without having changed them too much and the plot has been really good. His appearance didn't take away from the girls moment either and it showed that friendship comes first, which was nice to see! 

The volume has a nice pace as we wrap up the story arc with Gwen and her group. It all comes to a satisfying end, as does the volume in general. Whether or not this is the last volume! I'm not entirely sure! If it is then it's all been wrapped up brilliantly, and if it isn't then this story arc has been finished up ready to start the next one! It's such a fun series, I hope it goes on for a bit longer! 

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