Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Manga: Forbidden Scrollery

Forbidden Scrollery
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Where else would a girl with the power to translate any tome she sets in her lap reside except a library? Sure, some books may be more dangerous than others, but that's far from discouragement for a true bibliophile like Kosuzu Motoori! 

Okay so I was drawn in by the synopsis and then the cover was so pretty I had to read it....but as I started the volume I was a bit worried about whether I was going to like it or not. However, the more I read the more interested I became! 

The colour pages at the beginning are gorgeous and bright. The art throughout the volume is gorgeous, the settings have been drawn so well! The characters are just plain cute. I'm fully in love with the art, it's so detailed and rich and aaaah I love it! 

As for the characters, I was kind of side eyeing them in the beginning but they developed nicely and came in to their own throughout the volume. Kosuzu is so relatable to me as a bookworm except I don't lend my books because I learnt not to the hard way! She's kind of mysterious but she's also a lot of fun because she lacks any common sense, I'm not going to lie. Marisa and Reimu are fun characters too, and they had me chuckling more than once. We meet a couple of other characters briefly that I assume we'll see again later and I'm excited for that to happen! 

This volume is mostly introducing us to the world and the three main characters, and setting things up. There's lots of bookish-ness and youkai and it's a really fun read! I'm a sucker for anything with youkai, but this was a fun, fresh addition to the genre! I'm looking forward to the next volume when the plot will hopefully dig deeper and bring in some more elements if the comment about the scroll was anything to go by! There's also some interesting background and translation notes plus some fun youkai Fairy Tales! 

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