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Manga: Karneval 8

Karneval Vol 8
Rating: 4/5
Buy or Borrow: Buy! 
Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

At Yanari's party, Nai and the crew deepen their friendships and experience the warmth that comes of supporting and encouraging one another. Upon their return to the 2nd Ship, Gareki is summoned to meet with a stranger, who has come aboard disguised as a tree...?!
But back at Chronomé Academy, Kafka launches an attack, sending a swarm of Varuga to lay siege to the prestigious school. And when Tsubame attempts to protect her friends...she ends up a hostage herself! With Gareki back on board the 2nd Ship, who will come to her rescue?!

As you all know, Karneval is one of my favourite series, the art is so cute, the plot is fun and yet has darker moments, as well as some mystery, and each volume leaves me wanting more! The series really is a little bright spot! 

This volume, we get baby Tsukumo and how she first met Hirato, which is something I've been curious about. I've been excited to get some more background on her and it finally happens yaaay! 

We wrap up the last arc of the last volume, as everyone from First and Second ships along with Akari go from chilling on the beach to rushing to rescue Tsukumo and Hirato. We nicely wrap up that arc and head off with First ship! 

I'm not going to lie guys, Tokitatsu (Hirato's brother) seems a bit shady where Gareki is concerned. I can't decide whether to trust him or not. Tsubame's brother too. Yotaka is....interesting and we have more shadiness in the form of Keshiki. I figure he's the next bad guy to take down! And...guess who's back? (back again) Uro. He's going to be chilling with shady Karoku and Eliska. I actually didn't mind him as much, I'm more intrigued by him than anything else. 

Gareki is going to be spending some quality time with Akari and the rest of the Research Tower staff as he sets out on a new study course, which is hopefully going to go better for him than the last study course. I'm intrigued by what's happening with Gareki's character, he's changed and developed a lot so far and I'm interested to see where his character is going. 

Things take a sinister turn as Tsukumo and Yogi discover there are Varuga where there shouldn't be...but why? Thanks to Tsukumo we get some potential theories for Kafka and their plans and what they're up to....and why the government kept quiet. The mystery just gets deeper and deeper...the plot thickens as it where, and I end up with so many theories and ideas and I just need aaaaallll the answers! 

We get some more mystery provided by Nai, because something....strange is going on with him. I'm intrigued to see what bearing it's going to have on the plot and how it fits in with everything else. Good Karoku is setting out on his own path too and I'm excited to see him hopefully have a bigger role to play again. 

Heading out on the next story arc as we head to a new territory, Leberganze, and I'm excited to get to explore more of the world that's been created. It's such a vivid and rich world and I love getting to see more and more of it, and how all the characters histories are woven in along with the plot. It makes it rich and a nice series to sink your teeth in to. Interestingly, we get Nyanperona's story which gave me quite a chuckle. 

We end on quite the cliffhanger regarding Yogi and the wait for the next volume is going to be, as ever, completely torturous. The story in general is moving at a nice pace with new elements being brought in to keep it fresh and keep you guessing! As soon as you put something together..something else comes along to puzzle out! 

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