Thursday, 21 December 2017

Light Novel: Rokka 3

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Vol 3
Rating: 5/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

The Braves still have not identified the impostor among them. When Goldof takes off to help Nashetania, the initial seventh Brave, the group begins to suspect him of aiding Tgurneu. What is the fiend plotting...?

I've said it every single time, and I'll say it again....I freaking love this series! The colour pages are forever gorgeous and the plot is intricate and draws you in. Each character is slowly being unravelled as we get to know more and more about them see their view points. 

The prologue is super creepy, and the volume as a whole has a nice fast pace. We switch between the Braves and Nashetania and Tgurneu with a bit of Goldof. This volume really lets us get to know Goldof, he's been somewhat mysterious and quiet up to this point, but this is the volume that pulls his mask away as it where and we get to see his background and his relationship with Nashetania. 

Goldof literally goes over the edge this volume, and is the biggest pain in the ass....or so it seems for most of the volume. Towards the end we get thrown in a complete 180 when it comes to him when we finally see his view point and understand him and his motivations. Which is one thing I love about this series, nothing is what it seems, and neither are the characters. There's always more going on under the surface and it's hard to tell what's what. It keeps you on your toes. 

Chamo I'm finally starting to warm up to, and I really liked her this volume. I  like her more and more the more of her I see and the other sides of her we get to see. Despite one of them being a traitor, they all work well together as a team. I still can't quite pin point who the traitor might be. Like I genuinely have no clue and it's driving me mad! I'm just hoping it isn't either of my two favourites! Well...that's a lie. The only two characters we haven't explored in depth is Hans and it must be one of the two of them...but then I wouldn't put it past the author to have it be Adlet or one of the others that we've already gotten to know the background of...okay yeah. I wasn't lying...I really do have no clue!

This volume has plenty of action as is usual, as we face off with Nashetania and Dozzu in a race to save Chamo. Plus there's the mystery element to it, courtesy of the traitor in general and Goldof in this volume, AND we have multiple plot threads to untangle, that all weave together to create the plot. Both the plot just for this volume and for the story as a whole. 

The plot moves forward, there's more plot threads unravelled and mysteries explained...but there's more mysteries and new plot threads are added to carry over to the next volume, as well as making the overall plot more intricate. I'm loving how the plot is fleshed out more and more, with more little things added. As well as the characters who get more and more fleshed out as the volumes progress. I'm hoping one of the next volumes will reveal more about Hans and Camo! Trying to work out who to trust leaves you on edge somewhat and there's a bomb about to be dropped at the end of this I'm kind of in suspense for volume 4! 

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