Thursday, 14 December 2017

Blog Tour: Firestorm

Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Kyndra has finally mastered her cold Starborn powers, but at what cost? She's drifting from those dearest to her - though they can only reunite Acre together. And assassins who dance through time pose an extraordinary new threat. They seek to change the past - to unmake the Sartyan Empire and rewrite the whole history of Acre. And in the Khronostians' new narrative, Kyndra is never even born. 

Ex-slaver Char is determined to enlist the help of dragons for the fight to come. They were banished from the world by Khronostians. But, with the rogue Khronostian Ma's skills, he and Kyndra aim to reach the dragons' mountainous city. And perhaps here, they can gather enough power to send Kyndra far back in time - to prevent the death of an era. Yet despite her best efforts, events propel Kyndra towards a confrontation that has shaped and will shape the future of the world.

The end is finally here! I've been so excited to see how it's all going to turn out! I literally got sent this a couple of days ago....but I ended up reading it all in one go because I needed to see how it ended up! 

The last book left me wanting more and it was a game changer. We have dragons. Yep...dragons. You all know how much I love dragons, so you can imagine how excited I was for them to be included in this volume! Along with dragons we've got all the magic we know and love from the other books, there's even a smidge of brilliantly done time travel. I like how the perspective changed as the timeline did, like I said, it was very well done! 

The world building has been rich and detailed, and I love the extracts in the books! They add to it and help pull you in. The world continued to be vivid until the end, and I still want to know more about the world! I've loved getting to explore it with the characters. This series has certainly been a rich read, world building, intricate plots and intriguing and complex characters all woven together to create this series. 

I've had my moments with Kyndra, but one thing I can't deny is how much she's grown and changed over the course of the books and Kyndra in this book is the finished product. She's been through a lot and we've seen her struggle. She's been relatable and easy to empathise with, and I'm pleased we never lost that throughout the books. The other characters have really brought the world to life for me, there's been characters I love to hate, or just plain hate, as well as characters I love and I'm going to be sad not to see them anymore. They may be secondary characters, but they're no less detailed. They all have backstories to them, they're all written with care and come to life as much as Kyndra. 

I fully devoured this final instalment, and even got a bit sad as we reached the end. This series has been brilliantly written, vivid, and has kept me hooked with the intriguing plot. There's been some slow patches, but the intricate plot keeps you pushing onward. The characters help to bring the world to life, and they really stand out in your mind once you're finished reading. I can't deny the ending was everything I was hoping for!

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