Friday, 15 December 2017

Manga: Compulsive Gambler 3

Compulsive Gambler Vol 3
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

Enduring the "Big Debt Settlement Meeting" together may have deepened the bond between Yumeko and Mary, but in this academy, friendships tend to be fragile. Having tasted victory, the pair suddenly find themselves prime targets. In the case of Yumeko, that would be the eyepatch-wearing Midari Ikishima. And just who's got Mary in the crosshairs...? In this third volume of the story about an academy filled with beautiful women, the concepts of good and evil are turned on their heads!

So, the Big Debt Settlement Meeting is over and Mary has her status back, will she hold a grudge against her bullies? You bet your ass she will. But that's just how the academy works really, isn't it? I've actually ended up really liking Mary and I was kind of hoping she and Yumeko would team up together but I'm out of luck it seems! 

This volume we get some interesting tidbits about Yumeko and she is definitely coming for the Student Council President....unfortunately on her way she gets cornered by the crazy Student Council Beautification chair woman. Ikishima. Which means it's time to play, and explain a new card game....but with a deadly twist. I genuinely feel like I could become quite the card shark thanks to this series. This is a seriously high stakes volume, and Suzui ends up featuring a lot which was interesting. 

Meanwhile Mary has a cosy chat with the Student Council President, and refuses an interesting offer. I'm so intrigued by Mary, like I was prepared to hate her but now I'm rooting for her and I'm really curious to know more about her and see if she teams up with the others and see what her end game is! 

Yumeko pulls off another brilliant and intelligent move. I love having the games and the cheats and strategy to each game explained. It's done so well and is a nice addition. The art is detailed and gorgeous and the characters get so ugly when they gamble, it's a brilliant touch. 

The story is moving forward at a steady pace, we know the characters. We know how the academy works, and we're seeing some unrest from Mary. One might even say rebellion. Yumeko is quite determined to go up against the Student Council President and she's still a bit of a mystery. The volume builds up the tension and switches between the two scenes that while both incredibly tense, are tense for different reasons. 

Will she accept the offer? Won't she? What happens if she doesn't? Will she win? Will she lose? Is she really going to die? The last volume proved that anything can happen and even our favourite won't always win, which set up a nice tension for this volume in particular. I was genuinely on the edge of my seat. 

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