Friday, 15 December 2017

Graphic Novel: Spider-Gwen 4

Spider-Gwen Vol 4: Predators
Rating: 4/5
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Source: Copy courtesy of the publisher! 

After her adventure with Miles Morales, Gwen finds herself thrown into her toughest, most intense encounter yet. One word: Gwenom! It's the mash-up to end all mash-ups, but the stakes are high and the consequences are all too real! Can she get through this new challenge in one piece? And with Wolverine and Matt Murdock gunning for Harry Osborn, Gwen will need to step in and save him - but will the cost of this rescue be her own soul? As predators aplenty converge on Madripoor, things get deadlier than ever for the Spider-Woman of Earth-65! Plus: Musical mayhem with the magnificent Mary Janes! 

Ominous opening much?! I mean, sure it was exciting and provided some tension for the volume but sooooo ominous! Gwen's in deep with Murdock and she sets out to help Harry de-lizard, as it where. But there's a surprise newcomer....Mr. Murderhands who's hilariously familiar. His name begins with a W ;) Shadowcat makes an appearance too. 

While this is setting up the next story arc, Gwenom, this is far from the regular filler. Gwen is forever hilarious and she cracks me up but she's dealing with a lot emotionally this volume, and she has to think long and hard about what she wants to Harry and face some ominous consequences or not save him. Casual stuff like that. It was nice to see some cameos from some well known and loved characters. I also enjoyed how it linked back to volume 1! 

The art is colourful and bright, and the volume itself is action packed and fast paced. There's a way to help Harry but it's going to cost Gwen and we all know exactly what it's going to cost. We're left with quite the cliffhanger as we wait to see what happens next, but we all know Gwenom is coming let's be real. Everything's going to change and things aren't looking good for her dad either. 

The volume does end on a slightly strange note, as we get a kind of filler chapter with MJ and co. It shows some nice bonding between the three of them, and MJ is pretty convinced Gwen is you know...the superhero and she gets her own little badass moment which was nice to see. I didn't have much bearing on what was going on, and it seemed out of place, but at the same time it was probably best to go that way rather than kick off the next arc in earnest! 

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